Swoosh Technologies Announces the Release of NX 8

Smarter Decisions. Better Products. With new tools and expanded capabilities for design, simulation and manufacturing, NX 8 can help you make more informed decisions and develop more innovative products.

Swoosh Technologies in partner with Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Industry Automation Division and a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services, today announced the latest release of NXTM software, the company's fully integrated computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering analysis (CAD/CAM/CAE) solution. NX 8 includes extensive enhancements to its CAE offering - including its widely used NX Nastran® software for solving some of the world's most challenging simulation problems. Today's announcement further establishes NX CAE as one of the world's leading simulation solutions for product development, while unveiling new capabilities throughout the NX design and manufacturing modules that build on Siemens PLM Software's high-definition PLM (HD-PLM) vision and expand its digital manufacturing offerings for the machinery industry.

"NX 8 is a significant evolution of one of the world's premier integrated digital product development systems," said Jim Rusk, vice president, Product Engineering Software, Siemens PLM Software. "Our unsurpassed CAE solution has been further expanded to better enable users to identify and eliminate issues in the virtual world before they become problems in the real world. This ability to optimize product performance, combined with the extensive enhancements in NX design and manufacturing, will help our customers further reduce costs, shorten development time and facilitate smarter decisions that result in better products."

World-class simulation productivity

Companies across every industry are increasingly leveraging simulation software to verify product function, manufacturability and maintainability, and to enhance quality and aesthetic appeal. For over 40 years, Siemens PLM Software solutions have been helping companies handle some of the world's most difficult modeling and analysis challenges from, linear and nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA) of structures to thermal, motion and durability analysis and the effects of fluid and air flow on a product. Since NX CAE can operate as a standalone simulation solution or as a fully integrated component of the NX product development suite, it provides companies with significant versatility in how the solution is deployed. And in keeping with the Siemens PLM Software open business model, NX CAE works with virtually all leading FEA solvers as well as Siemens PLM Software's own NX Nastran. NX CAE users can also import geometry from a variety of sources and easily modify it for rapid what-if analyses using synchronous technology, a Siemens PLM Software innovation that combines the speed and flexibility of direct modeling with the precise control of dimension driven design.

NX 8 for simulation offers new solutions for optimization and multi-physics analysis, along with new methods for analyzing complex assemblies. Enhancements to NX Nastran include improvements in nonlinear and dynamic analysis, as well as increases in computational performance and modeling ease-of-use. The new and existing functionality in NX CAE helps reduce the time spent preparing and solving analysis models by up to 70 percent when compared to traditional CAE tools.

• Simulation environment and geometry foundation improvements reduce the time spent working with geometry and accelerate analysis modeling.

• Multi-discipline simulation and optimization enhancements broaden NX CAE to include new topology optimization and multi-physics analysis solutions.
• Systems-level simulation improvements streamline finite element assembly management and expand high performance computing capacity for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis.

• High Definition 3D (HD3D) capabilities include enhancements like new simulation "results measures", that allow users to tie results directly to requirements so teams can make smarter decisions.

"NX CAE potentially changes the game for simulation," says Dr. Keith Meintjes, Practice Manager for Simulation and Analysis at CIMdata. "NX CAE is a full suite of simulation tools, enabling multi-domain analysis and collaboration. In addition, NX CAE's built-in use of synchronous technology helps CAE specialists easily accept models from multiple CAD sources and quickly idealize, modify and create the geometry needed for their analyses. This brings geometry into the CAE iteration loop, enabling CAE to drive design rather than simply to respond to design models created by CAD specialists. Siemens PLM Software's overall vision, investments, and resulting technology development roadmap for NX CAE is yielding a comprehensive, highly productive simulation and analysis environment even for companies that do not use NX as their CAD authoring tool."

Comprehensive product development productivity

In addition to its simulation solutions, NX 8 delivers a wide range of enhancements and new functionality throughout its design and manufacturing offerings for comprehensive product development productivity.

Enhancements to the NX 8 manufacturing capabilities include new or extended functionality focused on both machinery and tooling design, such as optimized NC programming for machinery and heavy equipment part production, along with improvements that combine tooling design automation with CAE-based validation tools. As a result, NX 8 can help machinery and tooling companies win more high-value projects by delivering designs that are right the first time.

NX CAM enhancements for machinery and heavy equipment extends existing CAD/CAM, programming automation, and integrated machine tool simulation capabilities with new automated, context-specific functions to simplify the generation of smart tool paths for prismatic parts. With new volume-based 2.5D milling operations for faster programming, automatic tracking of uncut material across multi-stage machining processes, and programming automation for multi-part setups, NX CAM for machinery delivers a fast and highly accurate machining solution.

Enhancements to NX 8 in the area of product design include more powerful and efficient modeling, drafting and validation solutions along with expanded HD3D support for better design decisions.

• New "part modules" technology simplifies modeling and editing of complex designs, allowing users to subdivide designs into functional elements that support concurrent development by multiple designers.

• Expanded HD3D and design validation tools provide enhanced interaction, more powerful reporting and enriched visual presentation of PLM information from more sources. Standard HD3D features now provide a visually rich and more flexible feedback environment to help users quickly locate, diagnose and fix problems, ensuring designs comply with standards and fulfill requirements.

• Synchronous technology enhancements make it simpler and easier to modify models and handle a wider range of geometric modeling problems, while new capabilities have been added for feature-based modeling, sheet metal, patterning, freeform design, routed systems, visualization and more.

• Feature modeling in NX 8 has received several enhancements including more flexibility and control in creating patterns. More pattern layouts can be created including linear, polygon, along, reference and circular spiral, and users can now fill specified boundaries with a pattern feature, create symmetric patterns in linear layout and much more.

NX 8 is available immediately. For more detailed information on all the new functionality in NX 8, please visit www.swooshtech.com.

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