Swiss Inventor and Veteran Waterpark Operator Bring World's First Drowning Detection Wristcomputer to United States

The BlueFox Lifeline Wristcomputer, the world's first drowning detection wristband

​​​​​​​​​​​​​The BlueFox Lifeline Wristcomputer, the world's first drowning detection wristband, is now available in the U.S, the company announced today.

Heinz Ruchti, owner of BlueFox Pool Safety Systems, inventor of the Swiss-made BlueFox Lifeline Wristcomputer (, has partnered with David Busch, developer and operator of 22 waterparks, to bring the life-saving innovation to North America.

In commenting on the partnership with BlueFox, Mr. Busch said, "At last, technology is being used to fight the drowning epidemic, the number one killer in the U.S. of children one to four years old. Combining my four-decades in the water recreation business with Heinz's patented water safety systems is a model partnership. The Lifeline Wristcomputer is the best drowning detection device in the world giving families peace-of-mind about a catastrophic water emergency involving a loved one."

Mr. Ruchti, a mechanical engineer, scuba diver instructor and holder of numerous patents for underwater safety devices, invented the Lifeline's ultra-sound technology in 2001. The first commercial use of the technology was in 2008. Since then over 300 aquatic centers, waterparks and resorts have implemented his systems.

David Busch, owner of BlueFox Lifeline/North America, is a pioneer in the water recreation field, having led the development of one of the country's first waterparks in 1982 (Oceans of Fun/Kansas City, MO). Since then his companies have built and operated 22 parks in seven states and Beijing, China.

Mr. Busch said the Lifeline Wristcomputer sends a 100-decibel alarm (equivalent to a police siren) and flashes LED lights if the swimmer stays below a programmed depth for too long. "The Lifeline comes in four colors, so each color can be set according to a swimmer's age or ability. The Lifeline is literally a lifesaver because it alerts rescuers of a drowning in-progress."

Mr. Busch said, "The non-fatal drowning of my wife's three-year-old niece has been a life-altering tragedy for her family. In addition, while protecting 55 million waterpark swimmers, I have learned water emergencies can occur in an instant. The preventable death of children by drowning is my passion. The Lifeline Wristcomputer will spare thousands of families the nightmare of a drowning experience."

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*National Drowning Prevention Association/​Center for Disease Control


Blue Fox Pool Safety Systems is the manufacturer of the BlueFox Lifeline Wristcomputer. The BlueFox Lifeline is a patented drowning detective device invented and manufactured at the Deep Blue AG labs in Hallwil, Switzerland.

David Busch, owner of Guardian-Lifeline Water Safety Products ( has been in the family recreation business since 1972. Over 55 million guests have attended the parks his companies have owned and managed. His companies have certified over 35,000 lifeguards and employed over 100,000 young people.

Source: BlueFox Lifeline Wristcomputer


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