Swift Air Expands Commitment of Aircraft to College and University Sports Travel Market

Expanded Fleet to Provide Air Transport to More Than 60 Collegiate Teams in the 2019-20 Academic Year

Swift Air, the largest Supplemental Air Carrier and independent charter airline in the United States, announced today that it is significantly expanding its already robust, dedicated service to college and university athletic teams. Swift, which operates a fleet of 30 Boeing 737 aircraft, will increase the number of its aircraft that exclusively service colleges and universities from four to seven during the 2019-20 academic year. These seven, narrowbody airliners will be designated to exclusively servicing collegiate sports teams of all types and levels, and brokers operating on behalf of those schools, the airline announced today.

“This commitment of additional aircraft for college and university travel will provide schools with significantly more options for flights that fit their required destinations, travel dates and times. We have expanded our commitment in response to a dialog with our extensive network of college and university officials and transportation brokers over time. They are seeking enhanced options for air travel that suit their unique needs and we are answering that call,” said Steve Kasteler, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Swift Air.

Swift Air is a licensed FAA - Part 121 Air Carrier offering high-density seating in several interior configurations, including interior layouts for VIP-First Class travel that includes 68 First Class seats and club-style seating sections, as well as Wi-Fi and inflight entertainment capability. Swift now offers more, higher-end travel options that fit teams’ budgets and mission requirements. In addition, Swift’s narrowbody airliner fleet can fly non-stop routes between most US cities, which is a major convenience and time-saver for groups on tight schedules.

“With this expanded fleet of aircraft for the key season from September through March, colleges and universities will be able to enjoy not only the comfort of the larger interior cabin of the Boeing 737, but will have the capability of nonstop range, and interior comforts that smaller aircraft just cannot provide. Swift Air will customize travel solutions based on configuration, mission and budget, providing multiple options within its dedicated fleet of aircraft,” Kasteler said.

During the 2019-20 season, Swift Air will transport in excess of 60 colleges and universities. These schools represent a lift-requirement in excess of $200 million annually, the airline said. “Based on our growth with this segment of business and the specialized services these schools require, and Swift Air’s commitment to safety, our relationship with the academic community is mutually beneficial,” said Robin Jury, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Swift Air. “From discussions with colleges, universities and brokers in this segment, we believe demand for these aircraft could potentially double in the future. We are creating an infrastructure of sustainable lift to service the consistent and growing transportation needs of this community.”

As a Part 121 Supplemental Air Carrier, Swift operates with the highest safety and security ratings, which exceed those required of Part 135 charter operators, which also serve this market, when it comes to oversight, mandatory staffing and safety protocols. 

While lift has been suppressed by other air carriers, Swift Air has committed millions of dollars in aircraft, additional safety training, crew training, parts and tooling to meet this demand and to complement the growing relationship between Swift Air and the collegiate market.

Swift Air recently signed an agreement to be acquired by Miami-based iAero Group, a leading integrated aviation business. 

About Swift Air

Swift Air is an FAA Part 121 Supplemental Air Carrier which operates a fleet of 30 Boeing 737 aircraft located throughout the United States. With operational headquarters located in Greensboro, NC, Swift Air is the largest charter airline in the US, providing service to in excess of 60 schools and universities, as well as serving professional sports teams, entertainment tours, government agencies, and seasonal travel markets including the Caribbean, Mexico and other destinations. 

About iAero

iAero Group is an integrated aviation platform that provides a full range of services including engine and airframe MRO services, engine and airframe sale and leasing, and flight charter services. Through the combination of leading companies in the MRO and aircraft charter industries, iAero Group has created unique capabilities, including a full range of aviation offerings with safety, quality and cost advantages that benefit its customers. iAero Group has partnered with Blackstone/GSO, one of the world's leading investment firms.

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