Swell Advantage Launches First Social Network for Boaters

Swell Advantage launches the first location based social network for boaters combining the ability to identify and track family and friends out on the water, with unique navigation tools.

​​Swell Advantage, a marine technology startup focused on building new tools and services for recreational boaters, is excited to announce the launch of its first product, the Swell Advantage iOS mobile app.  Recreational boaters are highly social, and current navigation tools can be intimidating or confusing for the casual boater.  

The Swell Advantage app is designed help build boating communities by allowing people to see where their friends are out on the water, see when friends get onto their boats, and gives family members peace of mind by allowing them to track their loved ones out on the water.  Understanding that privacy is important, boater’s location is hidden while on land, and boaters can turn off the ability to be seen by their friends while on the water.

"In talking to our customers and having spent a lot of years out on the water, we have really just tried to design a product that fits our customers needs, fits their lifestyle, and helps them navigate and make decision."

Iaian Archibald, CEO

“In talking to our customers and having spent a lot of years out on the water, we have really just tried to design a product that fits our customers needs, fits their lifestyle, and helps them navigate and make decision.”  says Iaian Archibald, Swell Advantage co-founder and CEO.

The Swell Advantage suite of navigation tools re-imagines the navigation interface making it more intuitive and easier for the recreational boater. Using an innovative Navigation Ring, Swell Advantage strategically places the critical pieces of information needed by an operator, in a manner that is available and readable at a quick glance. Swell Advantage provides the operator with standard features like boat speed and heading, and also unique features like a real-time radial scale and a visualization of drift affecting the boat.  

Swell Advantage is available for free in the Apple App Store as an iPhone & iPad application, with an Android version expected mid summer, 2015.  An in-app purchase of marine charts for North America, along with unique navigation tools, will also be released mid-summer, 2015.  Swell Advantage’s second product, designed for boating clubs, marinas and boating schools, will be released in the early Fall, 2015.

Users can download the Swell Advantage app on the Apple App Store by using the following link(s): http://appstore.com/swelladvantage or https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id991343632?mt=8

Swell Advantage is committed to building technology that saves lives, property and the planet while helping recreational boating be simple, fun and social. The ocean, and nature in general, is our passion. By combining an interdisciplinary approach including engineering, computer science, physical oceanography and business, along with emerging technology, we believe we can help to uncover some of the ocean’s mysteries while facilitating a healthy and safe human-to-ocean relationship.  

The Swell Advantage website is www.swelladvantage.com, Twitter handle is @swelladvantage, for Facebook facebook.com/SwellAdvantage, on Instagram @swell_advantage, and YouTube at www.youtube.com/swelladvantage.

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