Swedish MPs Call for the International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats

Kristina Nilsson and Elin Lundgren

Two Swedish MPs, together with two Swedish MEPs, wrote a letter to their Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, on 28 October to urge him to initiate the International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats, suggested by the World Dog Alliance (WDA).

The letter was led by Kristina Nilsson and Elin Lundgren from Swedish Social Democratic Party. MEPs Jessica Stegrud and Charlie Weimers also demonstrated their support. "The trade and consumption of dog and cat meat is an outdated and inhumane practice, as well as an urgent food safety issue. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us those zoonotic diseases can have global consequences, yet the trade and consumption of dog and cat meat continues … Sweden should send a clear global signal that the dog and cat meat industry must be stopped immediately," the four lawmakers stated in the letter.

More than 100 lawmakers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and Norway have expressed their support on the International Agreement and urged their governments to initiate. On 7 February 2020, 30 bipartisan Congressmen wrote to then U.S. President Donald Trump. Around one month later, 67 cross-party UK MPs wrote to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Later in the year, 34 Japanese lawmakers wrote to then Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga. On 18 June 2021, four Norwegian MPs wrote to then Prime Minister Erna Solberg. It is time for Sweden to show their commitment and cement itself as an animal-friendly country.

The International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats was introduced by WDA's Founder Genlin, a successful businessman who is dedicated to saving dogs from human consumption. He is committed to donate 90% of his wealth to dogs and cats worldwide. This International Agreement aims to set up an international norm that dog and cat meat consumption is never accepted in the civilized world. All contracting parties are committed to implement domestic legislations against the barbaric practice. In 2019, the WDA proposed the International Agreement with the goal to eradicate all theft, abuse, slaughter, trade and consumption in the dog and cat meat industry; to solidify dogs' and cats' status as humans' companions, friends, family members and service animals; and to define humans' moral responsibility toward them. In Asia, over 30 million dogs are served on the dining table every year, 70% of which are stolen pets. The International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats tackles not only the issue of what people should and should not eat, but also the bigger moral catastrophe beneath it.

Jason Pang

Source: World Dog Alliance

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