Swedish IT Company Launch Software Platform To Make Full Use Of PC & Mobile Processing

Gpu Systems accelerates computations using modern accelerators such as CPUs, GPUs and future devices while simplifiying implementations. Today most computers, handhelds and mobile phones include one or several processing devices - CPUs or GPUs.

GPU Systems presents Libra a GPGPU - Heterogeneous Compute Platform now available on Windows, Mac and Linux directly accessed via C/C++, Java, C# and matlab

Enabling accelerated computing through the combination of CPU and GPU technologies across major operating systems Windows, Mac and Linux accessed via standard highlevel programming environments C/C++, Java, C# and matlab etc.

At GPU Systems headquarters 2012, the company release their latest version of the Libra Platform & SDK with enhanced support for developers to uniformly accelerate software applications across major operating systems, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Libra Compute API for developers offers performance portability and direct uniform hardware access via standard programming environments C/C++, Java, C# and matlab to execute math operations on top of current and future compute architectures, including the latest GPUs, x86/x64 CPUs and with broad support for compute devices compatible with lowlevel specific APIs - OpenCL, CUDA, OpenGL, DirectX and standard x86/x64 compute APIs.

"- With this release we show that using the very latest advanced compute technologies are available to develop software applications using standard programming languages & environments. It is now possible to deploy software on both CPUs and GPUs and across major platforms without customization or modification to program code, says GPU Systems founder Marco Hjerpe."

Libra Key Facts

* Unleash the Teraflop performance of CPUs and GPUs and future compute accelerators to execute software applications across major operating systems Windows, Mac and Linux.

* Libra API direct compute access via standard programming languages, C/C++, Java, C# and matlab etc.

* Develop code once, deploy on numerous CPU and GPU devices.

* More performance with less code compared to hardware specific lowlevel APIs, easier to maintain applications & algorithms and faster time to market - no need to learn new tools or programming languages.

About GPU Systems GPU Systems is a software technology company focusing on enabling the next generation of compute technologies & APIs using current and future haardware architectures. For more information, visit http://www.gpusystems.com

Contact: Marco Hjerpe

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