Sweden's Most Promising Biotech Company Adopts Labscoop's eCommerce Engine to Deliver 18,000 Primary Antibodies to Researchers

The Labscoop application will allow Atlas Antibodies to highlight product quality, reliability and increase accessibility among US, European, and Canadian researchers.

Atlas Antibodies, based in Stockholm, Sweden, has entered into an agreement with Labscoop to deliver 18,000 primary antibodies and corresponding antigens targeting over 15,000 gene products via the science eCommerce engine. Atlas Antibodies was born from the Human Protein Atlas (HPA) project which released a complete tissue-based map of the human proteome in November 2014.  Atlas Antibodies chose Labscoop to highlight product quality and reliability by generating unbiased, verified product reviews and citations. This partnership also deepens Atlas Antibodies’s reach into the US, European and Canadian markets. Together, we are accelerating the pace of scientific discovery by creating efficiency in scientific commerce and ensuring easy access to high integrity products that yield reproducible data. Chief Marketing Officer at Atlas Antibodies, Therese Sundell, had this to say: “We look forward to the collaboration with Labscoop and hope many researchers will find our products through this convenient portal.” In close partnership with the HPA project, Atlas Antibodies continues to develop and manufacture advanced antibodies proudly named Triple A Polyclonals (Atlas Antibodies Advanced Polyclonals) and PrecisA Monoclonals, with defined specificity, multiplexing opportunity, and stable supply.​

About Atlas Antibodies:

"We look forward to the collaboration with Labscoop and hope many researchers will find our products through this convenient portal."

Therese Sundell, Chief Marketing Officer, Atlas Antibodies

Atlas Antibodies manufactures and distributes advanced reagents for human protein research. The company was founded in 2006 by researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm and the Rudbeck Laboratory, Uppsala University in Uppsala to handle the production, marketing and sales of the antibody products developed and validated by the Human Protein Atlas Project. 

About Labscoop:

Labscoop was founded in early January 2014, set on a path that will fundamentally change the way scientists shop for lab reagents, consumables, and equipment. Our company strives to create an amazing user experience for scientists with in-depth product peer reviews, comprehensive product specifications and associated data files that allows scientists to quickly and easily search, compare and order products. (Watch the Video)

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