Sweden-Based Marketing Consultant Turned Artist Sells"Million Dollar Painting"

A project consisting of seven paintings- each seemingly identical with a numerical figure on each. Does the number reflect the price?

Amateur artist, Matthias Kamann has just recently released his latest art project. Produced in his native town of Växjö, Sweden, these hand built pieces feature seven hand-painted, large, white canvas, each with a black numerical figure on it. The first painting shows a "1", the second a "10", the third a "100", up until the seventh, a "1.000.000".

Kamann is set to sell each of the seven paintings on his website, for one week, from April 28 to May 4, 2014. The prices? Here's a clue: the figures written on the paintings are the prices or values that Matthias attaches to the paintings.

The project doesn't only consist of these seven paintings. The sales process also is an integral part of it. "I want to see what people make of it. Do they evaluate my art with a different price than the one I attached to them?" states Kamann. "Those who want to buy a Value Art painting can sign up between April 28 and May 4. If there is more than one person interested into a painting, the winner will be drawn and get the opportunity to buy the painting." The signup-period will last 7 days. Finally, the week after May 4, when the sale will end, the artwork "Value Art" will be concluded. By then everyone will know whether the viewers agree on Kamann's valuation or price claim -and ifhe sold his 1 million dollar painting for its "value".

Value Art is an artwork that confronts the viewers with the question what monetary value actually is and deals with the subjectivity of value. The artistic goal is to make the viewers reflect on how they value things.

Matthias Kamann provided a noteworthy comment on how is project came to be, "For me, Value Art is a statement of dual conflict. It wants to show the people how easily we perceive something as valuable just because a huge price tag is attached to it - at the same time, Value Art doesn't only want to teach- it also wants to be sold itself. With other words - Value Art expresses the conflict every artist has to go through every time he or she decides to sell the art and has to put a price tag on their artwork," states Matthias Kamann. "I want people to think - will this marketing guy, who is irritated about manipulative, marketing practices, sell a simple canvas for one million dollars? How many people want a 1 dollar painting?"

Each painting measures in at 45.3 in x 72.6 in, and was painted in November of 2011. They have been shown in exhibits twice in Sweden, one of them in a Cafe and one in the Library of Linnaeus University in Växjö and have quickly grown local attention.

Born in 1980, Matthias Kamann grew up as a farmer's child. Over the last couple of years he has been living in a cozy, little town in Sweden, called Växjö. He graduated with a masters degree in marketing at the local university (Linnaeus University) - to which he earlier came as an exchange student from Germany. His goal with this artwork and his future art projects is to reach many people to provoke, entertain and make them reflect about how they consume and are affected by marketing.

For media inquires regarding Value Art, individuals are encouraged to contact Matthias Kamann personally at +46 768 127551 or via email at matthias@kamann.se. To learn more about the art series please visit: http://www.valueart.net.

Media Contact:
Matthias Kamann (Artist)
Value Art
Växjö, Sweden
+46 768 127551


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