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Throughout the month of July, SWAT Environmental would like to bring awareness to the importance of small businesses. According to a study, small businesses make up over 98% of all businesses in America. Walking down the Main Street of a small town is perhaps a big indicator of just how many small businesses exist in the area. There is sometimes a stigma surrounding small, local businesses, and many believe they don’t last long. Interestingly, approximately half of small businesses survive five years or more, as reported by Forbes. SWAT Environmental is so honored to be part of this impressive club. Our small business has been up and running since 2002, and it is all in thanks to the homeowners that are just as passionate about safe, clean, Radon gas-free air in the home as we are.

Radon gas is the silent killer that lurks in the home and strikes when it is least expected. Radon gas is a colorless, odorless and tasteless radioactive gas. It is formed by the radioactive decay of uranium in the soil. Radon gas is always present; the levels of the radon gas found in or near your home are where the danger originates. Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer, only falling to second-hand smoke damage. Radon gas contains microscopic, radioactive particles that are in the air. When the air is breathed in, these minuscule particles go with, getting trapped inside the lungs. Over time, the buildup of these particles in the lungs can be life threatening. The level of Radon gas in the air will determine how much is inhaled per minute. For example, air with an elevated level of Radon means that homeowners are breathing in more radioactive particles than homeowners with a low level.

Ever since starting the company, SWAT Environmental has expanded its little business into over 35 states, and of those, we franchised into 14. This also means that SWAT has created a multitude of new jobs, whether it be as certified radon mitigation technicians or in the office setting. According to ECapital.com, small businesses employ over 57% of the country’s private workforce, and 60-80% of all new jobs come from small businesses. Something that SWAT Environmental is passionate about is supporting other businesses with the same roots that they have, all while working towards the goal of helping families breathe easier. Every big, successful business is just a small business that grew up. SWAT has spread the word about radon mitigation and how important testing is, and America is listening. Continue supporting small businesses this month by purchasing a test kit and finding out what the Radon gas level is in the home. One test is all it takes to ensure the health and safety of families nationwide.

Renae Weaver
SWAT Environmental

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