Swann Widely Releases Its Award-Winning Fourtify™ WiFi Security System

Swann, the leading brand of Do-It-Yourself security products for over three decades in Australia and the United States, announces the wide release of its Fourtify™ WiFi Security System.

The Fourtify™ System provides peace of mind while being easy on the pocket. The reliable hybrid CCTV security system with wired 1080p cameras is perfect for perimeter security. 

Instead of a DVR box, the Fourtify™ system has a powered WiFi camera to connect the three additional wired cameras. The consumer can choose a preferred location to mount the primary WiFi camera, plug it into power, and then connect the other wired cameras to the primary camera without the need to take cables indoors for a quick and easy installation. Finally, view the live stream of all four cameras via the Swann Security App on a mobile device. 

Security features of the primary Fourtify WiFi camera include a loud siren (70 decibels) and two-way talk to greet guests or warn and deter intruders. This system comes with all other standard Swann features, such as weatherproof cameras, Night2Day Color Night Vision, and TrueDetect technology. Also, consumers can connect to other Swann products via the highly rated Swann Security App.

In comparison to other camera brands, Swann Security offers free recording and clips save clips locally to the included 64GB Micro SD card.

Fortify your home or business with the Swann Fourtify™ WiFi Security System and enjoy easy-to-install, reliable multi-camera affordable security.

Included in the Swann Fourtify Kit box is a Fourtify™ Camera, 3 x PRO-1080MSX Cameras, a 64GB Micro SD Card, and 3 x 60ft Camera Extension Cable, 40ft Power Extension Cable, Power Adapter & Splitter, Mounting Hardware, Operating Instructions, and Swann Theft Deterrent Stickers.

"We are pleased to be releasing the Fourtify WiFi Security System to a wider market," said Mike Lucas, CEO of Swann Security. "This is a reliable, low-cost product, perfect DIY security to provide peace of mind, so one knows that the perimeter of their property is always secure."

The Swann Fourtify Kit just won the category Smart Home & Automation: DIY Smart Home Kits in the 2022 TWICE VIP Award from TWICE magazine.  

Swann has been in the security business for 35 years. As the worldwide leader of wired, DIY security solutions, Swann helps its customers protect their homes, businesses, and garages no matter where life takes them. Founded in Melbourne, Australia, Swann creates innovative DIY security solutions. Swann is the only brand that offers a complete lineup of inter-connectable wired and wireless security solutions via the Swann Security app, wholly integrated with Hey Google and Alexa. Follow Swann across social media for the latest products and news: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Source: SWANN