SwainSmith Releases Industry's Largest Library of EAM/CMMS Failure Codes and Cataloging Standards for Asset Management

EAM Master Data Library™ helps organizations improve their data so they can see opportunities in asset reliability, maintenance productivity, and MRO materials management.

EAM Master Data Library™

SwainSmith, Inc., announced today the release of the EAM Master Data Library™, a solution to improve the quality of enterprise asset management (EAM) and computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) data.

The EAM Master Data Library™ contains a structured system of failure codes and other EAM/CMMS codes, which optimizes maintenance reporting by providing a universal language for asset management. The library also contains industry-accepted cataloging standards for assets and MRO materials.

“There’s no other product like this in the industry,” said SwainSmith principal Tracy Smith. “We’ve been adding to it for 20 years now, and it’s unmatched in size and scope. Our library has coding schemes and data standards for every aspect of the maintenance operation: asset management, work management, MRO materials management, and MRO procurement.”

Failure codes are one of the library’s highlights. The library contains a structured system of problem, failure, action, and cause codes for over 150 distinct equipment classes. This problem–failure code library allows maintenance to analyze the reasons for equipment failures and identify “top offenders” based on cost and frequency.

“It’s a great foundation for reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) and other reliability initiatives,” Smith said. “Our failure codes enable the kind of granular reporting that maintenance managers and reliability engineers need to make informed decisions.”

A standard modifier dictionary (SMD) is another highlight of the library. The SMD provides an extensive library of descriptors, following a “noun, modifier, attribute” system, that can be used to standardize asset and part descriptions.

“When naming assets and spare parts, it’s important to use a standard naming format,” Smith said. “This prevents duplicates and makes it easy to find records. Our SMD is designed to help maintenance organizations quickly and easily standardize their asset and part descriptions.”

The library also contains many more EAM/CMMS coding schemes:

  • Work order codes (delay reasons, how found, etc.)
  • MRO inventory codes (discrepancies, return reasons, etc.)
  • Procurement codes (PO status, vendor classification, etc.)

The EAM Master Data Library™ can be used with any CMMS or EAM software system. For more information, please visit https://www.swainsmith.com/eam-master-data-library or contact SwainSmith at info@swainsmith.com or 828-215-9471.

Source: SwainSmith, Inc.


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