SVALT D Performance Cooling Dock for Apple Laptops Is Now Available

SVALT D Performance Cooling Dock

​​​​SVALT has announced worldwide availability of the SVALT D Performance Cooling Dock.​

The SVALT D Performance Cooling Dock is a stylish vertical stand that prevents performance reduction as a result of throttling, making sure your Apple® MacBook Pro® with Retina® Display or MacBook Air® laptop is always ready to deliver peak performance when you need it most.

“The SVALT D is the most powerful and full featured laptop cooling solution available, setting the standard for high-productivity professional laptop workstations with innovative passive and active cooling that provide performance insurance for your premium laptop” said Chad Kirkpatrick President and Founder of SVALT.

The SVALT D supports laptops in closed-screen clamshell mode while connected to an external power source, monitor and keyboard/mouse, to facilitate proper ergonomics and maximum workstation productivity, while the efficient vertical orientation and compact footprint regains valuable desktop space. Coupled with increased cooling capacity, the closed-screen operation allows graphic resources to more easily drive multiple high-resolution displays and deliver improved graphic performance. Anchored by a two pound aluminum heat sink, a powerful fan drives cool air over the laptop's processors to reduce or eliminate processor throttling, and unlock a level of productivity previously limited to high-end desktop computers. A Silence Adapter delivers quiet fan operation, while the fan can also be turned off at anytime, and the laptop’s internal fans and vents will operate with enhanced performance due to the vertical orientation and the aluminum heat sink’s passive cooling.

The SVALT D is more than an engineered cooling solution, the SVALT D merges with a laptop, to elevate and accentuate the laptop’s aesthetics to become an integral part of a design environment. Carved from solid aluminum and beautifully finished to match your premium laptop, SVALT D's elegant simplicity resonates clarity of purpose to solve the universal problem of heat management.

The SVALT D was created for designers, artists, photographers, videographers, gamers, 3D designers, engineers, researchers, software developers CEOs, and anyone else who demands peak performance, optimized graphic performance and improved workstation ergonomics, as well as an elegant and refined workspace furnishings for their Apple laptops. 

The SVALT D innovative design has received a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office, with other patents pending.


The SVALT D was designed for Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display and MacBook Air laptops. A sliding front pad supports a wide range of laptops, with or without a protective case, and offers flexibility to support future laptops. The pad design allows the laptop to stay docked during the power-on process to avoid accidental cable disconnection or a laptop drop. 

Pricing & Availability:

SVALT D is available worldwide through with either silver or black aluminum finish for $149.95

About SVALT:

SVALT designs and manufacturers precision-crafted and high-performance accessory products for Apple and other premium manufacturers. Based in and around Portland, Oregon, SVALT products reflect the elemental structure and human artistry in the Pacific Northwest. 

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Chad Kirkpatrick

President & Founder


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Svalt Design, LLC. © 2015 Svalt Design, LLC. All rights reserved. Patented, Patent No. 8926414. Other Patents Pending. SVALT is a trademark of Svalt Design, LLC. Designed in Portland, OR, USA. Assembled in Beaverton, OR, USA. Made in USA, includes foreign electronic parts.

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SVALT is a Portland, Oregon company that designs and manufacturers precision-crafted and high-performance accessory products for Apple and other premium manufacturers.


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