Sustainable Energy Inventor Kenneth W. Welch Jr. Issues 2020 Challenge 'Get Your Kid Off the Grid' in the Hopes of Finding the Next Great Inventor

​​​Many parents breathed a collective sigh of relief when they realized their cell phones and tablets could become babysitters, saving them time, energy, and creativity (especially with the soaring rates of human babysitters). Kenneth W. Welch Jr., CEO and Inventor of the Sea Dog Wave Pump and SeaDog Systems, Inc., comments on this problem and offers a solution.

Today’s children, glued to their electronic devices, feel the need to be constantly entertained. Inanimate objects are their primary companions and communication mediums. Gone are the days when kids kept themselves occupied all day out of the house, riding bikes, playing tag, building forts, and growing their imagination.

According to SeaDog Systems, as a result, they have lost such critical skill sets such as sharing, teamwork, personal face-to-face communication, and invention. They don’t want to be outside much or spend time interacting with plants and animals. Desensitized to violence per video games, they are losing empathy for the planet and its inhabitants.

According to sustainable energy inventor Kenneth W. Welch Jr., “Within this type of robotic ME environment, what kind of future generation are we unleashing on the world? Where will the next great inventors come from?” 

Kenneth W. Welch Jr. feels the need to bring today’s children back to “PIE”. What’s PIE? Says Welch, “PIE is Perception, Imagination, and Extrapolation – the ability to perceive, imagine and apply the concepts that thrive in this world around us and make a difference.”

What better way to achieve this than to issue an initiative to find the next great inventors. To this end, Welch has issued a “Get your Kid off the Grid” challenge with a special grand prize, a trip for the winning child and parent to Houston, Texas, to spend a day with real inventors working on his new inventions.

Getting your kid off the grid is also about getting outdoors and exploring together. It’s about taking kids to the zoo or taking them volunteering. It’s about getting them away from their electronic devices and into the real world. It’s about bringing out the inventor in them.

Mr. Welch knows the importance of inventing in this day and age. He built SeaDog Systems, Inc. around the advancement of his invention, the SeaDog Wave Pump. As Inventor, Founder,  and CEO, he has led SeaDog in the development of a suite of technologies and products able to generate renewable baseload electrical power, produce abundant freshwater and provide extraordinary gas and liquid pumping solutions, all by simply harnessing the natural motion of ocean waves. He also created his own X–Wave Facility, a 7.6-acre commercial wave testing complex to specifically facilitate underwater and sea-surface technologies testing and conduct ocean-related research, development and training.

Entries are simple. Share in writing (emails will do ) your experience with getting your kid off the grid and what spending a day with an inventor would mean to you and your child. Simply email entries to The winning entry will be announced on Earth Day. 

Granted, it takes time and thought to get your kid off the grid. But in return, you will find yourself with a well-rounded child who works well with others, communicates effectively, shares, and just might be behind the next great sustainable energy inventor. For more information on Welch and the “Get your Kid off the Grid” challenge, please visit

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Source: SeaDog Systems, Inc.