Surviving COVID-19: Joining Front-Line Nurses Helping Intubated Patients Be Heard and Understood

COVID-19 Critical Care Patient Communication Support Program

VidaTalk Home Screen

Acuity Medical, Vidatak, and task force members from the Patient Provider Communication Forum are making a number of critical resources for communicating with COVID-19 patients on mechanical ventilation available for free.

Provider Education - How to use communication tools for critically ill patients who cannot speak.

Communication Boards - Acuity Medical is providing EZ Boards free of charge based on appropriation for hospital size and demand.

  • For free EZ Boards, contact Mark Tomchik at (443) 831-2983 or

VidaTalk Communication App - Vidatak has made the VidaTalk app available at no cost through May 31. See instructions below.​

Instructions for download:

  1. Download VidaTalk from iTunes​
  2. ​Tap on lock icon on the top right
  3. Tap on Enterprise Login
  4. Enter "COVID19" for login
  5. Enter "H2PNJNGAWGBGQA646LKT44R8N" for passcode.

Other patient communication tools and resources can be found at the Patient-Provider Communication Forum.

Please share with all hospital administrators and colleagues. For anyone who knows someone who is critically ill and having difficulty communicating because they are intubated or having difficulty speaking due to medical illness or surgery, please share these resources with them today.

Source: Vidatak, LLC


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