SurveySparrow Launches New Employee Success Platform to Transform Workplace

Introducing ThriveSparrow, an all-in-one people success platform that serves as a control center for employee growth and development.

SurveySparrow, the world's first chat survey software, today announced the launch of ThriveSparrow, a product solely dedicated to empower organizations to improve their employee experience processes multifolds by integrating elements of employee engagement, peer recognition, and comprehensive 360-degree feedback.

ThriveSparrow is designed to assist companies in establishing an environment where employees are central, meeting the rising demand for comprehensive employee experience tools. The product features performance reviews, goals, and 1-1 meeting modules that will help HR teams in keeping employees engaged and effective at all times. It also helps organizations with employee engagement surveys, employee recognition, team collaboration space reporting, analytics, etc.

According to a recent report by, the global performance management systems market is projected to grow at a 12.9% rate annually and will reach a size of US$11.3 billion by 2030. ThriveSparrow provides an all-in-one people success platform that caters to the rising demand for comprehensive employee experience tools - a demand that's surged amidst the global shift to remote work. The long-term goal of the company is to empower 10 million employees to thrive in their workspaces by 2028. 

SurveySparrow is embracing a multi-product strategy and reinforcing its commitment to employee experience space to empower organizations to improve their overall EX processes. With 200K+ customers across 149+ countries, the company has experienced a significant increase, with revenue growth of over 70%, nearly doubling compared to the previous year.

Supporting Quotes:

Shihab Muhammed, Founder & CEO, SurveySparrow:

"Experience management has been SurveySparrow's forte from day one. ThriveSparrow takes our commitment a step further, focusing solely on employee experience. We have put the best practices into an all-in-one people success platform for organizations that can prioritize employee growth. With ThriveSparrow, we are doubling down on employee experience, while SurveySparrow will continue to focus on customer experience."

Ganesh Ravi Shankar, Head of ThriveSparrow's Business Unit

"At ThriveSparrow, our mission is clear and profound - to assist companies in establishing an environment where employees are the heart of everything. Designed specifically for high-performing teams, ThriveSparrow is the only operating system that any company would ever need for a thriving workforce."

About SurveySparrow:

SurveySparrow is an experience management platform that helps businesses refine their employee customer experiences end to end. It combines the power of Surveys, Business Intelligence, Response Management, Ticket Management, Online Reputation Management, and Integrations, all in one place. With a reach extending to 200K+ customers across 149+ countries and 86 languages, SurveySparrow's esteemed clientele includes Honda, McDonald's, Decathlon, Dream11, Grand Thornton, Tata Digital, Meesho, and Amul, among others. With the launch of ThriveSparrow, SurveySparrow diversifies its product lineup to enhance employee engagement and performance for organizations. For more information on how ThriveSparrow can transform your workplace, please visit

Source: SurveySparrow