SurveySparrow Forays Into Generative AI With New Features to Revolutionize Customer Experience

With 20+ innovative AI features, SurveySparrow sets a new standard in enhancing customer experience.

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SurveySparrow, a leading experience management platform trusted by global brands like Siemens and McDonald's, recently launched generative AI features to transform how businesses capture and analyze customer feedback. This exciting development sets a new standard in customer experience (CX) management.

The platform, recognized as the world's first chat survey software, takes its commitment to innovation a step further with the introduction of "AI Wings" and "CogniVue." These powerful AI features empower businesses to refine their customers' experiences at every touchpoint, leading to deeper understanding and stronger relationships.

AI Wings: Your Co-Pilot for Exceptional CX

AI Wings helps automate feedback collection, streamlining the entire process end-to-end. From crafting survey questions and creating custom workflows to analyzing data and managing customer tickets and reviews, AI Wings tackles it all. With over 20+ features, AI Wings allows businesses to effortlessly "Wing it," crafting exceptional customer experiences through a comprehensive toolkit.

CogniVue: Unlocking Actionable Insights from Customer Feedback

Extracting valuable insights from vast amounts of data can be a daunting task. CogniVue, SurveySparrow's intelligent data analyst, tackles this challenge head-on. This advanced tool transforms unstructured text feedback into actionable insights, helping businesses identify customer sentiment and uncover key drivers behind crucial business metrics. 

CogniVue empowers Voice of the Customer (VOC) analysts to make faster, more accurate decisions by simplifying complex data analysis and offering industry-specific insights.

Shihab MuhammedFounder and CEO, SurveySparrow, says, "Embracing generative AI allows us to turn data into dialogues and insights into actions. It's about elevating the customer experience to be more human-centric, even in a digital domain. Our platform is now more intuitive, responsive, and, importantly, more personal."

SurveySparrow's commitment to innovation ensures businesses have the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving CX landscape. With the power of generative AI, SurveySparrow empowers businesses to truly understand their customers and craft exceptional experiences that drive loyalty and growth.


About SurveySparrow:

SurveySparrow is a leading experience management platform that empowers brands to refine experiences at every touch point. It reshapes the customer journey by delivering invaluable insights and actionable data. It does this by collecting, analyzing, and acting on both direct and indirect feedback collected along the customer journey. With a global footprint, the company caters to over 4,000 clients spanning 149 countries and provides support in more than 130 languages. Notable among its clientele are industry leaders such as Siemens, Audi, McDonalds, Xerox, Honda, and many more. 

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