Survey Finds Native Venezuelans Look Favorably Towards US Military Intervention as Crisis Intensifies

Political leaders of the Opposition aren't yet embracing intervention by the U.S. military, but the people of Venezuela view it as a means to an end.

​​As the crisis in Venezuela escalates hyperinflation, food shortages, poverty, crime rates and mass emigration, Venezuelan citizens are increasingly desperate for a resolution by any means possible — even if this means inviting more violence — according to the results of a recent survey conducted by Pollfish.

The Venezuelan crisis has worsened according to both Venezuelans and Americans, and the need for a solution grows dire. Eighty-five percent of Venezuelans now express U.S. intervention as “essential” or “important,” with 54 percent favorability for U.S. military intervention being the preferred method to bring an end to this crisis.

The people of Venezuela also expressed a lack of optimism about the possibility of a resolution without violence, with 45 percent saying that they believed this was “not at all likely.”

“As the crisis continues to unfold, it’s increasingly difficult to get information from the people who will be most affected by the outcome of U.S. involvement,” said Allycia Puzas, content marketing manager at Pollfish. “Since we are able to access these hard-to-reach populations, we knew it was important to use that capability to give a voice to the Venezuelan people and let their perspectives shape conversations aimed at resolving the conflict.”

While Venezuelans still stand in support of Opposition Leader Juan Guaido, with 65 percent voicing a positive view of him, they are not party-loyal to the Opposition. Seventy-one percent of Venezuelans surveyed denied being affiliated with any political party.

This likely presents an additional challenge for party leaders, who in recent conversations surrounding resolutions to the crisis, are hesitant to bring in the U.S. military, believing that this could make a bad situation worse. However, the people of Venezuela, even those in favor of the work Juan Guaido is doing, have grown impatient and seem to have shifted their views on foreign aid as a means to an end — even if more violence is required.

The study also looked at the views of U.S. citizens who were familiar with the crisis. Americans are less favorable of military intervention on Venezuela’s behalf, although about one-third of both Republicans and Democrats are supportive of this solution. Nearly a quarter on both sides of the aisle were supportive of the U.S. offering financial assistance as a resolution.

About This Survey

The research was conducted using Pollfish, a market research platform, beginning on May 15, 2019, and completing May 16, 2019, to survey Venezuelans and Americans who expressed “strong familiarity” with the Venezuelan crisis. Organic Sampling methodology and Random Device Engagement were used for randomized distribution of surveys through mobile devices. The survey reached a total of 600 people, with an equal number of respondents in Venezuela and the U.S., and targeted both genders across all legal voting ages 18-55+.

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Pollfish ( is an agile market research platform offering real-time responses from mobile consumers. Using a modern sampling methodology called Organic Sampling that merges mobile delivery, artificial intelligence and a massive audience network, Pollfish is able to narrowly target highly specific audience segments within their audience network of over 650 million global respondents, spanning 160 countries and 24 languages, with better data quality and faster completion times than competitive survey solutions. Trusted by brands, media companies and agencies alike, Pollfish data has powered stories in almost every major news source in the U.S., including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Fox News and Inc.

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About Pollfish

Pollfish is an agile market research platform offering real-time responses from targeted consumer audiences and has powered stories in almost every major news source in the US, including New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News, and Inc.

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