Surucas Becomes an Adxstudio Partner

Surucas is now a contracted Axstudio Partner.

Surucas is now a contracted Adxstudio Partner. Adxstudio is a portal application that interfaces seamlessly to Dynamics CRM. The Adxstudio solution enables a public facing environment to customers and provides secure portal access to CRM Data.

Adxstudio was in the news recently after Microsoft purchase of the company. Read more about the purchase on Business Insider

Surucas is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consulting firm located in Doral, FL. Surucas provides custom Dynamics CRM solutions in many industries and supports clients in the Doral region.

With Surucas, the implementation of CRM will drive success to your business. The sales, service and marketing modules of Dynamics CRM make it a specialized system that is sure to have a quick return on investment.

You can hire Surucas to provide high quality CRM services. We have been serving customers in Doral for many years. If your business is considering using Microsoft Dynamics CRM or need help in customizing your existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, feel free to contact us at 786-245-5232.