Surfers Launch Platform to Champion Social and Environmental Justice

Selema Masekela, Ryan Harris, Danielle Black Lyons, and Hunter Jones unite to build a brighter future for surf and outdoor culture.

Selema Masekela, Ryan Harris, Danielle Black Lyons, and Hunter Jones are proud to announce the launch of 1 Planet One People, a collective founded by African American surfers designed to support climate action and social equality. 

“We believe the time is now for us to come closer together,” says 1 Planet One People cofounder Ryan Harris. “We are stronger united, not divided.”

The ocean sees no race, gender, economic background, social standing, or lifestyle, and, in that spirit, 1 Planet One People provides a platform to support the environment and communities that have experienced systemic racism, sexism, and inequality.

“While it’s easy to think of them as separate issues, social justice and our environment go hand in hand,” says action sports icon Selema Masekela. ”The intersection is undeniable.”

1 Planet One People provides a resource for those seeking information to make impactful contributions to social and environmental causes. By offering a platform with accurate information from experts on critical social and environmental issues, 1 Planet One People intends to catalyze change and unity.

"Many supporters are making generous donations to organizations during the #BlackLivesMatter movement,” says Danielle Black Lyons, cofounder of Textured Waves. “There is an abundance of organizations in need, but it can be overwhelming. We want to help guide people to donate responsibly so their dollars reach the communities they are aiming to protect."

“Now, more than ever, we all really need to focus on loving and respecting each other as humans while simultaneously making a conscious effort to take care of the planet we live on,” says professional surfer and WSL host Hunter Jones.

Eco-surfboard pioneer, Ryan Harris has pledged to donate a percentage of all eco-board sales and accessories from his label Earth Technologies to a non-profit aligned with their mission. 1 Planet One People encourages other companies to do the same.

Use hashtag #1PlanetPeople to support climate action and racial and social equality.


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