Surf Camp Network Expands In Portugal

No doubt Portugal is one of the best European destinations for surf lovers. However the surf camp industry was still to be developed. Pedro Quirino, manager of Surf'inn surf camps tells you more about the new offer

A new company of surfcamps was born in Portugal! Surf'inn began operating this year focused in a better service for accommodation and a whole bunch of packs associated with surfing in Portugal. They have several surf camps along the Portuguese coast wisely selected and close to the best surf spots in the country.

The company gathered a large team of professionals with extensive field experience and local knowledge, with the aim of becoming the most comprehensive network of surf camps, offering various packages from Surf Trips, Surfaris, Surf camps, mobile Surf school ... you name it! Everything is tailor made for Surf'inn.

In an interview with director Pedro Quirino: "We offer our customers the best possible surfing experience, tailored to each level of surfing, its travel requests and to their preferences ... all trips are unique, according to the travel companion, time of year, expectations, etc. It is important a good recommendation and support to result in the perfect trip. The fact that we have several surf camps scattered around the coast, allows us to be impartial when proposing a destination to our customers." Another reason that led to the emergence of Surf'inn was that "We were faced with the discontent of some people who came to Portugal and felt disappointed because they have chosen very economic packages and consequently have been housed elsewhere on "self-called" Surf camps without the most basic accommodation. This situation is not conducive to surfing tourism to Portugal. We want to fight this situation and be recognized by having the best quality service at the best market prices. This is our goal!" Until now, because of their tailor made service, managed to attract to their surf camps a more diverse audience of all ages demanding since the first experience with a surfboard to the most radical surfers in search of the best spots in the Surfaris.

After a few sleeping years, Portugal has now entered the right wave in the surf tourism worldwide. Besides the information regarding packages, surf camps, trips and surf schools, the company's website features news, forecasts, and much more unbiased information to help tourists and surfers to choose the best trip according to their needs and experience.