SurePrep Issued Two New Patents for Auto-Verification for Native PDFs

SurePrep, a California-based software and service provider to the tax and accounting industry, today announced that the company was granted two new patents for a system and method for automatic detection and verification of optical character recognition data - U.S. Patent No. 10,489,644 and 10,489,645. The patented, next-generation scan and populate technology automatically verifies data OCR’d from native PDFs, thereby eliminating the human verification required by other scan and populate solutions used by CPA firms to automate 1040 tax return preparation.

“SurePrep customers will be able to leverage an unprecedented level of efficiency with this auto-verification for native PDFs technology. 1040SCAN is recognized as the premier scan and populate solution in the tax and accounting field,” says Greg Pope, Vice President of Marketing, “and this newly patented technology takes it to the next level. No other solution provider offers this kind of automation.”

“This remarkable next-generation scan and populate technology radically increases tax return preparation efficiency and demonstrates SurePrep’s continued commitment to innovation and leadership in the tax document automation field,” says Will Hosek, SurePrep CIO.

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Company Overview

SurePrep was founded in 2002 and is the leader in tax automation for CPA firms. SurePrep’s solutions deliver seamless integration with tax software to automate and streamline the entire 1040 process for both the taxpayer and tax professional. SurePrep’s solutions are used by nearly 20,000 tax professionals ranging from Big 4 firms to sole practitioners to reduce administrative costs, automate workpaper preparation, maximize review efficiency and improve client service.

SurePrep’s technology is covered by numerous United States Patents, including United States Patent Numbers 7,454,371; 7,610,227; 7,636,886; 7,720,616; 7,769,646; 7,853,494, 10,489,644, 10,489,645 and RE45007.

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