Suralink Announces Industry First Integration Between File Sharing and Request List Applications, Further Streamlining Firm-Client Collaboration

Suralink, the leading client interaction platform for accounting and other professional services firms, announced today a first-of-its-kind integration between a dynamic request list and secure document exchange solution.

The integration between Suralink’s Request List Management and Secure File Sharing products not only enhances the user experience for clients and increases efficiency for firms, but also significantly reduces the risk of manual errors. By allowing firms to move documents and evidence seamlessly between the two products within the same platform, this integration ensures that sensitive files remain within an encrypted and secure environment.

Suralink’s Vice President of Product, Miguel Perez, says: “This new feature represents a significant step in our commitment to creating a single, integrated client interaction platform. By connecting two business-critical tools in a simple, elegant way, we’re once again streamlining the way service firms collaborate with their clients.” 

Key benefits of the Request List Management and Secure File Sharing integration include:

Seamless file import: Firms can effortlessly import files from Secure File Sharing directly into Request List Management, streamlining workflows and reducing manual work.

Enhanced security: All documents remain securely encrypted throughout the file-sharing process, mitigating the risks associated with traditional file transfer methods.

Administrative controls: The integration introduces new Secure File Sharing admin functions, empowering firms to manage and enforce security standards across all of their users. These include the ability to enforce security settings universally, the inclusion of firm branding on all messages, and the ability to restrict the types of files that can be sent and received through Secure File Sharing.

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About Suralink

Suralink provides accounting and other professional service firms with a single, secure platform to collaborate with clients, exchange documents at scale, and track the progress of engagements. With enterprise-grade security and an easy-to-use interface, Suralink's award-winning portal helps firms increase efficiency and improve their relationships with their clients.

Suralink works with more than 850 tax, advisory, and audit accounting clients, as well as legal services, security consulting, financial services, and banking companies worldwide.

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About Suralink

Suralink provides professional services firms with a single, secure platform to collaborate with clients, exchange documents at scale, and track the progress of engagements.

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