Supporting Indie Game Developers With Royalty-Free Graphics

Indie Game Developer To Launch a Kickstarter Campaign for a Royalty-Free Graphics Builder

The Royalty Free Graphics Builder for Games by mobile game development company That’s So Panda offers a cost-effective solution to the shoestring budget problem that plagues many indie game developers; it provides quality, downloadable, royalty-free graphics (ranging from common game elements to an online sprite sheet creator), without extraneous costs or the need for additional graphics editing tools.

The graphics builder project consists of two parts. The first part focuses on making common game elements, such as user interface graphics, game backgrounds, and icons, readily available for download. By providing easy access to standard in-game elements like buttons and coins, it immediately reduces graphics costs for designers and frees up their time to focus on developing character designs and other equally important facets of the game.

"...which will allow anyone to easily create a sprite sheet without needing to use an outside graphics-editing program such as Photoshop or Illustrator."

Daniel Williams, Owner

The second part of the project consists of an exclusive online sprite sheet creation tool, which will allow anyone to easily create a sprite sheet without needing to use an outside graphics-editing program such as Photoshop or Illustrator. The simple point, click, and download process will make it easier than ever for game developers to create unique 2D character sprite sheets for their next game. Should the project get funded, the commitment is to create a minimum of 60 character skins, 60 costume choices, and 60 weapons, in addition to the common GUI elements.

Daniel Williams, the founder of That’s So Panda and the creator of this Kickstarter project, is a developer himself who is all too familiar with the struggle of trying to create quality game graphics on a limited budget. With experience in developing over 100 mobile apps through his company, Daniel was inspired to create a way to support the indie game development community, which led to his idea of creating a royalty-free graphics resource.

Indie games are some of the most popular mobile downloads (which a look at the Editor’s Picks in The App Store will reveal), yet they often don’t have the resources to compete with the big name studios. These indie studios push the boundaries of innovation, creating unique games that go beyond the cookie-cutter formats such as match 3 and endless runner, and are the frontrunners in redefining the gaming experience. By creating the Royalty-Free Graphics Builder, indie game developers will have a quality resource for their game graphics, allowing them to produce games within budget.

The Royalty-Free Graphics Builder for Games 30-day Kickstarter campaign will go live on December 14, 2015 Since Kickstarter runs on an “all or nothing” funding model, if this project doesn’t reach its goals at the end of the 30 days, this project will likely not come to fruition. To support this campaign or to learn more about it and indie game development, please visit Kickstarter and look for the Royalty Free Graphics Builder for Games project.


That’s So Panda was founded in 2012 and focuses on mobile game development for platforms such as iOS, Android and others. Games and apps can be found on iTunes, Amazon App Store and Google Play.