Superman Returns to Hollywood Blvd.

Hollywood Superman, LLC. announces new Web Series from Executive Producer Robert Folk and Hollywood Director Vlad Kozlov

Hollywood Superman

​​For over two decades Christopher Dennis has been donning a Superman costume and standing on Hollywood Boulevard taking pictures with fans and children alike. After being assaulted, he was unable to work and became homeless. Now, after almost a year, he is returning to the place of his mantle to bring renewed joy to those who shake his hand and pose for photos.

His inspiring visage and Christopher Reeve charm has brought smiles to millions, but that wasn't enough to keep his life from spiraling into oblivion. After having his entire vintage Superman collection stolen from his apartment, Christopher Dennis was assaulted, beaten and his costume burned for his assailants' pleasure.

Without the means to make a living while recuperating from his wounds, including the loss of several teeth, Chris' life could not get much worse. In spite of this injustice, Christopher was able to rise up once more in order to bring smiles and inspiration to the boulevard that remains the central vein of the City of Angels.  

About the New Web Series:

From Executive Producer Robert Folk and Hollywood Director Vlad Kozlov comes a series about Hollywood Superman, a dramatic look at the life of those who walk the Hollywood Boulevard beat while dressed as iconic heroes and villains of the screen and page. Told through the eyes of Christopher Dennis, the series gives a unique perspective of what Hollywood life is like. Dreams, aspirations, trials, tribulations and relationships will all be topics of this web series.

In addition, the series will take us on a journey from the fall that brought Christopher to brink of disaster to his phoenix-like rise of getting back onto his feet when all hope was lost. A Kickstarter campaign has jut launched where supporters are encouraged to upload pictures they might have taken with Christopher during their visit to Los Angeles - to his Facebook page. 

Hollywood Superman is truly a story that people from all walks of life can relate to and empathize with. Support the Kickstarter and be a part of this wonderful and poignant project.

Robert Folk, the composer, who has dozens of film scores to his credit, including those for Police Academy, Ace Ventura and The Never Ending Story II, will team up with film director Vlad Kozlov to produce the "The Hollywood Superman" web series. 

A note from Christopher Dennis: "If you have taken a photo with me in the past 25 years, please send it to me via private Facebook message. Your picture will be featured at the end credits of my upcoming Web series. It's a story about my life and struggles in Hollywood Land, the place where dreams may come true." 

"I've been working as the Hollywood Superman for 25 years. In August 2016. I was assaulted, and my costume was destroyed. This rendered me homeless for many months. Thanks to the kind help of many people, I am now off the streets and back on my feet."

"The Web Series I am working to create will capture my return as the Hollywood Superman, doing what I love most - helping people and putting smiles on their faces!"

"In this series, I will bring joy to orphans, sick children, victims of abuse, and even visit animal shelters, because everyone on this planet deserves a smile."

"Please send me your pictures and support my Kickstarter campaign. Become part of the exciting two-decade journey of Hollywood Superman," said Dennis.

Media Contact- Frank Zanca -

Source: Hollywood Superman, LLC.


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