Superfood Chain everbowl™ to Open Two Locations in Knoxville, TN

Westside Stores Will Fuel Active Lifestyles with Craft Superfoods

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SoCal-based craft superfood chain everbowl™ (, which promotes purposeful eating and an active lifestyle, is opening its first Knoxville locations in October. The first store opened on October 1 at 4481 Kingston Pike in Marble City, bringing a healthful, nutritious option to the eclectic dining scene west of downtown. The second venue, located farther west at 10909 Parkside Drive in Turkey Creek, will open in late October.

"True to our mission to bring everbowl wherever people desire access to simple, delicious food, we are excited to establish our brand in these vibrant, dynamic sections of Knoxville," said Jeff Fenster, the company's founder and CEO. "Whether they are visiting the RecSports Complex, the zoo or Market Square, Knoxvillians now have the option to fuel up with stuff that has been around forever and experience the Unevolve™ lifestyle."

everbowl restaurants create healthy craft bowls using superfoods that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants such as acai, matcha and pitaya. They add more flavor from fruits, berries, and seeds and mix in non-dairy, plant-based proteins, nut butters, and other no-sugar-added goodies. The Knoxville locations will also serve everbowl's acai-infused Colombian and Guatemalan coffees.

Diners can create their own Whatever Bowl with unlimited toppings or choose from a menu of Local Favorites developed by company staff and customers. Popular selections include the everbowl, which combines acai, granola, blueberries, strawberries, grapes and banana with honey, and the Blue Lagoon, featuring coco love, blue magic and vanilla bases topped with granola, kiwi, pineapple and coconut.

Fenster said everbowl's goal is to help people become more attuned to their bodies so they can reach their potential and become their "best selves." "We give people the building blocks they need to support the kind of healthy life they want to lead," he said.

About everbowl™

Established in 2016, everbowl™ is a Southern California-based quick-serve restaurant chain offering a menu of build-your-own craft superfood bowls featuring acai, pitaya, matcha, blue majik, vanilla, chia pudding, coconut, cacao and chewy as the base ingredient options along with unlimited fresh fruit toppings and healthy super stuff add-ins. Through a growing footprint of retail locations and CPG product extensions, everbowl encourages consumers to "Unevolve™" - to live actively and eat "stuff that's been around forever™." Franchise opportunities are available. Visit

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