Super Bit Adventure - Kickstarter, Patreon, and Giveaway

Super Bit Adventure – Kickstarter, Patreon, and Giveaway!

Super Bit Adventure, the intense action RPG developed by 3rd Pinnacle Games, has now released two crowdfunding campaigns to continue providing the resources for further development. 

Currently, Super Bit Adventure can only be downloaded from Google Play on android devices. Many have been asking for a port to iOS devices so they can play on their iPhones. In order to do this, resources for purchasing the required devices is needed. That’s the purpose for this Kickstarter campaign. With a budget of $5,000, 3rd Pinnacle Games will have the funds needed to purchase the hardware required to develop, test, and package for iOS devices.


As an independent game studio, 3rd Pinnacle Games does not receive funding from any other sources other than their own pockets. They are looking to the community to help provide an additional source to help finance further development. A Patreon campaign has just begun to where players can contribute a monthly pledge that will support these efforts and provide some benefits in return. Players will be able to get an inside look on development, provide feedback and suggestions, as well as receive in-game perks for their pledges.


In order to give a little back to the community, 3rd Pinnacle games is hosting a $100 VISA eGift Card giveaway for anyone who’s interested. There are many ways to enter for a chance to win. Just follow the below link and begin to build up your entries. 


​Super Bit Adventure is an action RPG brought to you by 3rd Pinnacle Games that draws inspiration from retro 2D RPGs of the past. It launched onto Google Play on December 31, 2015 and is available as a free download. 

Google Play:

About 3rd Pinnacle Games LLC
Established in 2015, 3rd Pinnacle Games LLC is a small team of talented developers, and brothers, who aim to create fun games to cure the common case of boredom. As players first and foremost, 3rd Pinnacle Games ensures to keep player satisfaction and enjoyment as the main priority when developing games. Based in the United States, they aim to continue pushing the limits of genres and try to uncover the most innovative way to deliver a fun filled experience.


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