Sunwave Introduces Telehealth as Part of Their Comprehensive Treatment Platform

Treatment Facilities Can Now Offer Virtual Sessions and Continue Excellent Patient Care

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Sunwave, a leading provider of enterprise software for behavioral health treatment facilities, has announced the addition of telehealth to its unified treatment platform. This newly developed solution offers treatment providers the ability to see patients and alumni virtually throughout this pandemic and beyond.

With high-definition video, online chat, and multiuser capabilities, the telehealth module was designed to broaden the reach of treatment providers. Patients who are lacking transportation, have mobility issues, or who are isolated will have a new option for comprehensive care – ultimately keeping them on the path to recovery success. Providers can host sessions on-demand as well as scheduling future sessions and reviewing past sessions held in a system dashboard – making management a breeze.

Given the current concerns and restrictions around the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth also offers a solution for facility team members and patients that will keep social distancing guidelines in place, without sacrificing the level of care. Group sessions or individual sessions can be conducted from the comfort of the patients’ and providers’ homes.

“We’re not just excited about launching new technology to behavioral health facilities; we’re excited to help bridge the gap created by this unprecedented crisis. It’s critical to ensure that the continuation of care goes uninterrupted. We’re proud to be able to provide a platform that helps facilities achieve that,” stated Sunwave CEO Elie Levy. “This module will help keep patients on the right track to recovery during this time of incredible distress. More importantly, it is a long-term solution for providers to be able to help more people in the community and bring more support to their current patient population.”

Sunwave is currently the only comprehensive platform for behavioral health treatment centers to manage their entire operation effectively. The platform offers Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), and Alumni Management all under one system, with unified data. 

Sunwave focuses on continuing to offer an all-in-one solution for behavioral health, which is evidenced by this recent release of telehealth at the perfect time of need.

About Sunwave: Sunwave is a leading technology provider for behavioral health treatment centers. Its unified treatment platform includes behavioral health EMR, CRM, RCM, and Alumni Management software, with telehealth capabilities built in. Designed specifically for the treatment industry, Sunwave empowers treatment centers to manage all of their operations in a single, unified platform – with a 360° patient view. The powerful capabilities of Sunwave allow users to make informed decisions that position their businesses and patients for success.

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Sunwave is a leading technology provider for behavioral health treatment centers. Its unified treatment platform includes behavioral health EMR, CRM, RCM, and Alumni Management software, with telehealth capabilities.

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