Sunwater Plays Pivotal Role in Queensland's Water Infrastructure For The Booming Mining Sector

Sunwater's Mark Browne discusses the water supply challenges and how they are able to provide water to commercial customers throughout Queensland.

(San Diego, CA). In an interview with Business Review Australia, Mark Browne, General Manager of Infrastructure Development for Sunwater, discusses the company's pivotal role in developing the infrastructure necessary to deliver water resources to the developing mining industry in Queensland.

Sunwater has over 80 years of experience tackling the water supply challenges of the region to provide water to commercial customers throughout Queensland. Each project dovetails into the company's larger strategy to provide water for the booming coal mining industry as well as other new industries that have emerged, such as coal seam gas. Additionally, the company takes care to tread lightly on the environment. "We have to ensure in our environmental studies that we mitigate as many impacts as possible, from transferring fish to making sure natural flows are simulated," Browne said.

Sunwater uses cutting-edge design to develop projects including the Connors River Dam and Pipelines Project, Coal Seam Gas Water project, Water for Bowen and Cloncurry Pipeline. From water infrastructure upgrades and supply projects to creating new avenues for reclaimed water, the experts at SunWater can devise a comprehensive and durable water package that meets the needs of their customers, while ensuring the wise use of precious water resources.

Sunwater is a leading company providing water infrastructure and supply solutions throughout Queensland, Australia and internationally. The company provides direct water supply services to a large number of customers including irrigators, mines, power generator and local government.

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