SunnyCal Solar Introduces Collapsible Solar Off-Grid Array for Disaster Events

Rapid deployment Collapsible Solar Array for Off-Grid power. When sun shines, AC outlet is powered.

Collapsible Array with 1500W of Modules

Today SunnyCal Solar, Inc., a solar products company specializing in “personal solar” products, announced the first in a series of new products that enable grid-free power. 

Collapsible solar arrays can be shipped fully assembled, and can be unfolded to an upright position, producing power immediately.  The innovative lightweight structure can include up to 1500W of solar panels, and a unique “Daylight Inverter”, that powers a 120V receptacle whenever the sun shines; no batteries required. A custom designed screw-in anchor system and tamper resistant screws enable secure installation.

SunnyCal CEO Steve Dollens said: “Our customers are seeking grid-free power solutions. The Collapsible Array is a direct result of our efforts to enable personal power for disaster-stricken areas like Central California and Puerto Rico.”  The Array fills the power gap between disaster and power restoration.

Upcoming personal power products include: Daylight Inverters for AC well water pumps, solar metal roofing and self-powered greenhouses.

About SunnyCal Solar, Inc:  SunnyCal Solar has been installing turnkey solar systems since 2006. SunnyCal also established The SunnyCal Solar Store, supplying innovative power products for consumers and solar contractors.  

Media contact  Becky at, 209-464-6100

Source: SunnyCal Solar Inc.


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