Sunny Ts of South Florida Visit Ted Vernon Specialty Automobiles Inc. for Father's Day

The South Florida Model T Club Marvels at Inventory

Ted Vernon

Ted Vernon Specialty Automobiles Inc. was proud to host the Sunny Ts of South Florida for Father’s Day weekend. The Sunny Ts of South Florida is a club devoted to the Ford Model T which was built from 1908 to 1927. The sheer size of the inventory impressed the club president, Steve Florence, as well as Dave Revaz, a model T mechanic and specialist.

Each of the fathers present at the event was thrilled with the size of the inventory as well as the personability of Ted Vernon himself. Dave Revaz was even able to provide information regarding the historic vehicles present, which was thrilling for all those involved. This included Dave’s two sons, Tyler and Shawn.

Ted Vernon is always thrilled to see this kind of familial involvement in the love of classic cars. This is because he inherited his love of classic cars from his father and, as such, he understands how loving classic cars can draw families together. Ted says that the best thing about these hundred-year-old veteran cars is that, many years from now, a mother or father will be explaining to their children that there was once a time when people actually drove these machines themselves, and their children sitting in amazement will only be able to imagine what it would be like to drive an automobile.

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