SungEel MCC Americas Announces Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Plant Location in New York State

New Facility to Recycle Over 5,000 Tons of Spent Lithium-Ion Batteries and Employ Over 100 Individuals

SungEel MCC Americas (SMCC) today announced the location of its first plant which will redefine the North American lithium-ion battery, e-waste recycling, energy, and metals markets. The Endicott, New York plant will be located in the Huron Campus, formerly the IBM-Endicott facility. SMCC will leverage over $1.75MM in incentives from New York State and create over 100 research, engineering, and manufacturing jobs.  

Approximately 50% of LIBs are recovered and recycled in the European Union and some Asian countries, whereas less than 5% of all LIBs are recycled in the United States. Cobalt and lithium are the two most valuable metals found in LIBs, with consumption of both outpacing supplies in recent years. The United States lacks the domestic supply of both strategic metals. SMCC will recover these valuable metals through an efficient and environmentally friendly process. The recovered metals can be used in the manufacture of new lithium-ion batteries as well as multiple industrial applications.  

“We are excited to be at the forefront of lithium-ion battery recycling in the United States and to create quality, hi-tech, green jobs in our home state of New York. The State’s energy storage initiative makes the Southern Tier an obvious choice. We look forward to leveraging the region’s educational institutions, technological resources, and manufacturing tradition to add to the incredible progress New York State has made in energy storage technology,” said Danish Mir, COO of Metallica Commodities Corp. and SMCC President.

“Throughout the Southern Tier, companies are finding innovative new uses for existing facilities. This international partnership recycling lithium batteries will foster the supply of a product in high demand and expand the thriving energy storage industry in the region,” said Howard Zemsky, President, CEO, and Commissioner of Empire State Development.

“We are delighted to welcome SungEel MCC Americas to the Huron Campus and look forward to their contributions in building the infrastructure to support the clean energy and advanced manufacturing initiatives at the Huron Campus in Endicott,” said Christopher Pelto, President of Huron Real Estate Associates, LLC.

About SungEel MCC Americas

SungEel MCC Americas (SMCC) will be the United States’ largest and most environmentally friendly recycler of lithium-ion batteries. The Endicott, New York facility will commence operations in January 2019, create over 100 hi-tech jobs, and recycle over 5,000 MT of spent lithium-ion batteries. SMCC is a joint venture between New York-based Metallica Commodities Corp. and South Korea-based SungEel HiTech.

About SungEel HiTech Co, Ltd.

SungEel is one of the few major recyclers of LIBs, worldwide. Established in 2000, it is based in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do, Korea and employs over 140 individuals.

SungEel recycles over 8,000 tons of spent LIBs and scraps, annually. The Company’s patented technology recovers valuable metals found in lithium-ion batteries such as cobalt, nickel, copper, manganese, and lithium through a hydrometallurgical process.  To prepare for the expected increase in LIBs caused by the growth in the EV industry, the Company’s current capacity is undergoing a 5-fold expansion by 2021.

To secure the raw materials, SungEel operates a pretreatment plant in Klang, Malaysia, and has two new plants beginning operations this year in Hungary and India. More than eight plants will be established worldwide.

About Metallica Commodities Corp., LLC

Metallica Commodities Corp. (MCC) is a specialist group of over 115 professionals focusing on the commercial recycling of non-ferrous concentrates, residues, and byproducts resulting from the mining, metallurgical, recycling and processing industries. MCC has 24 employees at its White Plains headquarters fully dedicated to non-ferrous trading activity; and has representative offices in Peru, France, the United Kingdom, and Canada, and leverages a vast network of agents to access to a large customer base worldwide. The Company operates an electronic scrap recycling plant in France which employs 30 individuals; and has mining operations in Guyana and Tanzania, employing 35 and 15 individuals, respectively. MCC’s founders have over 50 years of non-ferrous trading experience.  


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