Sunfinity Affirms New California Legislation That Benefits Clean Energy Statewide

Sunfinity Renewable Energy, a leading solar services provider, endorses efforts taken by California Governor Gavin Newsome, following the signing of two bills that will promote the continued growth of residential and commercial solar in the country’s leading state for solar adoption. 

A.B. 1208 extends existing legislation prohibiting cities and counties from taxing energy generated by rooftop solar. A.B. 178 states that residential construction intended to repair, restore, or replace a residential building damaged or destroyed as a result of a disaster in an area in which a state of emergency occurred must comply with photovoltaic requirements at the time the building was constructed (vs. at the time of the damage).

“Even as a Texas-headquartered solar business, we launched Sunfinity nearly four years ago in California because of the extensive demand in the state, and we wholeheartedly support the state’s recognition of the importance of ensuring solar rights going forward to protect existing customers and encourage ongoing growth” said John Billingsley, Chairman and CEO of Sunfinity Renewable Energy. “California has some of the highest electric rates in the country – and subsequently, they are the number one state nationwide in terms of solar adoption. But even with about 19% of California’s electricity generated via solar, there is still tremendous room for growth as long as the regulatory climate remains positive. So we will aggressively continue to bring California as much clean, renewable solar energy as possible from Sunfinity.”  

In California, cities and counties usually have the ability to tax electricity. The law exempting solar-generated power was set to expire Dec. 31, 2019. The new legislation extends this exemption for seven years.


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