Suneco, China Based OEM and Supplier of Renewable Energy Products, Offers End-to-End Green Energy Solutions

Suneco is a professional supplier of Renewable Energy Products: LED Street Lights, Solar Street Lights, solar water heaters, air source heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, micro hydro power, wind turbines.

20W -60W LED Street Light

Fossil fuels are not only getting costlier but aren’t a viable option for the energy requirements of the future. Suneco, the China-based leader of green energy products, now offers a wide range of alternative green energy solutions to help its global clientele create a low-carbon and renewable energy based lifestyle and business presence.

Suneco assists clients from the initial idea of using green energy products right up to the final commissioning, based on specific requirements. With its own R&D team in China and a specialized set of teams for import/export and logistics, Suneco is a one-stop product supplier for virtually all green and renewable energy products. Suneco is not only a supplier but also acts as the purchasing agent in China.

For LED lights, Suneco LED Street lighting manufactures and supplies price competitive and high-quality products worldwide. Products such as LED tunnel light or LED highbay lights carry a warranty of up to 5 years, and come with full support for design, installation and after-sales services.

Suneco Solar Co., Ltd is a trusted source for solar vacuum tubes and a solar collector supplier. The company specializes in heat pipe solar collectors, solar vacuum tubes and solar components, which are exported to countries such as Germany, South Africa, Southeast Asia and South Korea. With over 50 working methods and strict measuring standards, these solar products are some of the best in the industry.

Suneco operates a large solar energy manufacturing base, where it manufactures solar water heaters and solar collectors. The manufacturing base is an integrated facility for carrying out research, production and sales for solar water heaters and solar control stations.

For environment projects, Suneco offers hydro power in various solutions to reduce the carbon footprint for private companies, small businesses and others who wish to go green. Hydro power using small and micro hydro turbines is a popular way to use free energy and conserve the environment all over the world.

The global demand for solar PV panels and solar PV power systems is rising, and Suneco Solar is actively meeting the same for the last thirty years. Suneco Solar offers 25 years of output warranty services, with complete support to set up tailor- made projects using a range of solar PV panels.


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About Suneco

We are a fast growing international supplier of green energy products. We provide alternative green energy solutions for both residential and business customers. We focus on the sales for low carbon solar LED street light, solar heating systems, wind solar hybrid systems, small hydro turbine generators, natural gas generators and other green energy products. By providing multiple product offerings, systems can be customized for each unique situation. For more information, please visit: 

Media contact:

Media Contact:

Company Name: Suneco Green Energy Ltd.

Address: 138 Dongsan Road, Dongying, Shandong, China

Country:  China

Contact Details: 

Phone:  +0086-546-786-7971

Whatsapp/cell: +86-186-5467-2089


Contact Person: Mr.Clark Sun 

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Suneco is your Premier LED Street Light Manufacturer. Suneco manufactures and supplies high quality LED Street Light to Importers and Buyers worldwide.

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