Sunderstorm Welcomes 2 New CBN Formulations to Its Family of Products

​​​​​​Sunderstorm, one of the cannabis industry's leading consumer packaged goods companies, creators of California-based edible brand Kanha and nanomolecular sublingual brand NANO5, announces two new CBN (“Cannabinol”) formulations, following a month of record edible sales.

Sunderstorm’s launch of two new CBN-rich ratios, Kanha Tranquility 1:1:1 - CBD:CBN:THC and NANO5 Tranquility 1:1:1:2 - CBD:CBN:THC:5HTP, remind consumers that a good night's sleep is well within reach. Chemically similar to CBD, CBN has been known to induce several of the same effects in the body including pain and inflammation relief. It is most notably recognized for its sedative properties that can contribute to a restful sleep. Further, CBN-rich products offer an entry point for "canna-curious" consumers who are searching for a more holistic option but aren’t looking for intense psychoactive effects.

These two new developments come as no surprise after the California edible market saw a record-breaking increase in sales over the last few months. According to BDSA market data for April, Kanha has recorded exceptional growth in sales since January 2020, surpassing competitors to claim the #1 spot in both units and sales. While overall edible sales have risen 9.5% since January, Kanha revenue growth has exploded 44%.

“Sunderstorm is thrilled to launch these two new formulations in the midst of one of the most challenging health-conscious times for many of our consumers. In doing so, we stand by our mission to help people achieve a life of harmony and wellness, which is more important now, than ever,” says CEO Cameron Clarke. “Looking ahead, we are committed to continuing to innovate novel forms of dosing to meet unique consumer needs in the market.” 

Each Kanha Tranquility gummy is infused with 5mg of CBN, 5mg of CBD, 5mg THC, and 1mg of Melatonin, plus a blend of soothing terpenes and essential oils. This new formula contains more CBN in one bag than any other gummy in the industry.

NANO5 Tranquility echoes the same 1:1:1 ratio, but adds a double dose of 5HTP, a natural, serotonin-inducing property. This new formula is capped off with its own serving of melatonin, relaxing terpenes, and calming essential oils to help soothe both the body and mind. As the pioneers of cannabis nanomolecular technology, NANO5 champions the fastest onset in the industry at just five minutes, making a deep, restful sleep attainable for even the most skeptical consumer. 


Kanha cannabis-infused gummies are available at over 450 licensed retailers across the state of California with an expansion plan to rollout into new states in the coming months.

About Sunderstorm: Sunderstorm is a premiere California-based lifestyle cannabis manufacturer focused on quality of products, quality of life, and quality of community. Leveraging years of experience in the California market, Sunderstorm promises clean, consistent and reliable cannabis products backed by science. Sunderstorm’s Family of Products are manufactured in-house by their dedicated, knowledgeable team in order to adhere to premium quality and safety standards. Through its Kanha gummies, NANO5 sublinguals, and Wind vapes, Sunderstorm helps people achieve a life of harmony and wellness with consciously-crafted cannabis products.

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About Sunderstorm

Sunderstorm is a premiere California-based lifestyle cannabis manufacturer.


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