Sundeck Announces the Public Availability of Its Query Engineering Platform for Snowflake

Data warehousing experts, including the Co-creator of Apache Arrow (>65 million downloads a month) and Co-founder of Dremio, announce a seed funding round of $20M, along with free access to an entirely new frontier within the modern data stack.

Sundeck Available Now

Sundeck is announcing the public preview of their SaaS Query Engineering Platform. The platform provides data engineers an entirely new way to work with Snowflake in combination with their favorite existing tools. Several simple data engineering goals have historically been surprisingly difficult to achieve. Some examples:

  • Stop users from accidentally running billion record queries.
  • Introduce custom syntax or hints to make analysts more productive.
  • Automatically route queries amongst different warehouses based on the nature of the query or the current load on the system.

Prior to Sundeck, these things were difficult to do. Now they're easy.

A New Frontier for the Modern Data Stack

dbt made programmatic data transformation open and extensible. Building against this set of principles sparked a creative renaissance in data engineering. Sundeck applies those same principles to all tools that send queries to Snowflake. The relationship between tools and the Snowflake Data Cloud is now open and accessible for data engineers to adapt as they see fit.

Sundeck Hooks, a Natural Extension to Snowflake

To enable query engineering, Sundeck provides a collection of query hooks. These can capture queries and take action on them before (or after) they execute in Snowflake. The decision of when to intercede and which hooks to execute are entirely configurable by data engineers. Hooks fire based on conditions like the nature of the query, the tables involved or the submitting user. Example hooks include updating query text, executing secondary Snowflake queries, rejecting operations due to policy and routing queries to alternative warehouses. To make things simple, Sundeck comes preconfigured with multiple recipes including:

Secure & Compatible

Sundeck is built to work just like Snowflake. That means all administration can be done with SQL and any tool that can talk to Snowflake also works with Sundeck. Additionally, Sundeck's unique private results path technology enables data engineers to block or enhance queries while ensuring data stays within an organization's boundaries. When combined with Sundeck's SOC 2 certification, organizations can rest assured that Sundeck is safe.  

Well-Funded, Built From Experience

Sundeck is also announcing a seed funding round of $20 million from leading VCs and angels including NEA, Coatue and Factory. The team behind Sundeck includes multiple PhDs, more than 10 Apache PMC members, multiple past Apache VPs, and founding members of several disruptive open source technologies including Apache Arrow, Apache Calcite, Apache Phoenix and Apache Drill as well as the Co-founder and former CTO of Dremio. The Sundeck technology is built on Substrait (, a new Apache-licensed OSS initiative built to abstract query plans between systems and contributed to by people working at Intel, Microsoft, Meta, Datadog, Voltron, Sundeck and many other tech companies.

Available Now

Sundeck is now available in multiple cloud regions for free. Post preview, Sundeck will offer a generous free tier as well as simple monthly pricing for premium features. Any Snowflake user can get started by going to (no special privileges or credit card are required).

Source: Sundeck

About Sundeck

Sundeck provides a SaaS Query Engineering Platform for Snowflake data engineers. Sundeck is free-to-use for many use cases and is well-funded by industry leading VCs.

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