Sunburst Outdoor Living Ranks #1 in Cushions for Sale Industry During 2015

Cushions for sale have reached an all-time high at the Sunburst Outdoor Living empire

In the era where consumers rarely hear good news on the radio or TV, Sunburst Outdoor Living decided to shed a ray of light on their client’s day. Thus, Sunburst Outdoor Living was born. The company manufactures and distributes whimsical cushions for couches, chairs, and beds. Each cushion is designed by the company and adorned with popular styles and looks.

Before sunburst Outdoor Living was conceived, the company was operating another business that dealt in dog collars, leashes, and doggy beds. They discovered that their clients where using the dog beds as couch and chair cushions. This sprung an idea with the owners to run with the idea and create a line of merchandise dedicated to cushions.

Ever since making this bold move, Sunburst Outdoor Living has been going strong, selling a number of cushions each day. In fact, the amount of business the company sees has actually exploded over the last year and has even surpassed the owner’s expectations.

The owner of Sunburst Outdoor Living had this to say in a recent interview, “Our Company started from the ground up. We have done everything on our own, and look where it has gotten us, complete success. Every day brings something greater than the last to our operation and we couldn’t be more thankful for this opportunity.”

Every cushion cover is designed by the company and made from durable materials that customers can depend on. There are a number of designs to choose from that span across a large variety of themes and colors. From traditional Australian depictions to modern shapes and styles, Sunburst Outdoor Living has a little something for everyone.

Customers are able to customise the look and style of the cushions they choose, including the colour if they want. However, the cushions do come in a plethora of pre-made designs as well. Each cushions will brighten any space nicely.

During a recent interview, the owner of Sunburst Outdoor Living said, “We put 100% into every cushion we make. Our goal is to always make our customers happy. Each month, our website is updated with new cushion designs and styles. We know that by doing this we are offering our clients fresh, new ideas to add to their homes.”

Sunburst Outdoor Living has a “Featured Products” section listed on their website that customers can browse through to see which designs and looks are currently trending. The company certainly doesn’t lack in product choice.

About Us: Sunburst Outdoor Living saw a need to create a brighter atmosphere for outdoor patios, decks, and porches. The company took a great idea and made it even greater by running with the design of one of their already successful products, and designing the outdoor cushion cover. Sunburst supplies some of Australia’s most sought after outdoor cushions in the industry.

Between beautiful designs, high quality materials, and customer service that can’t be beat, Sunburst Outdoor Living provides customers with a functional product that looks amazing. The company is always ready and willing to meet the needs of their customers by keeping up with current trends, styles, and fresh product. To learn more, please visit: