Sun & Silo Mushroom Brand Releases New Products

Two New Vegan Mushroom Gummies

Mushroom Gummy Trial packs

Sun and Silo, a functional mushroom brand, is excited to announce its launch of two new daily mushroom supplements in the form of delicious, vegan gummies. Lion's mane mushroom is a key ingredient in both their new Mood Shine and Rise & Grind gummies. 

Rise & Grind is a pick me up, focus blend of lion's mane mushroom, caffeine and mood boosting l-theanine.

Mood Shine is a mood enhancing and calming blend of the increasingly popular adaptive ingredient-ashwaganda, lion's mane and reishi mushrooms. 

Sun and Silo's popular, ten mushroom blend Spectrum Capsules, is a great alternative for those looking for something even more potent. 

To celebrate the launch of the new products they are doing 50% off full size products site wide through the end of September (shipping in October).

Sun and Silo is proud to be one of the most innovative, fun, woman owned, mushroom brands to hit the market. 

"I wanted to create a functional mushroom brand that was easily accessible, affordable and fun. I believe mushrooms are our future. While I am pushing for the legalization of magic mushrooms, we can all still benefit from this incredible fungi in its nootropic and functional and medicinal forms."

- Kim Koehler- Sun & Silo Founder

Source: Sun and Silo

About Sun and Silo

Sun and Silo was founded by one of Forbes listed next entrepreneurs to watch, Kim Koehler. Kim Koehler has also launched a successful sexual health and wellness CBD brand, Privy Peach.

Kim Koehler has a passion for functional and magic mushrooms, and wanted to create a fun and approachable brand in the mushroom space.

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