Summertime Heat Can Lead to Costly Repairs

A-US Air Conditioning of Texas cautions residents about the dangers of mixing summer heat with an unmaintained HVAC system.

A-US Air Conditioning of Texas

Summertime is a fun time of the year. Despite the heat, the kids are out of school and families are more apt to take vacations, or simply enjoy the company of one another. This is a time for reconnection and excitement.

However, to enjoy any of that, families need to have a haven from the Texas heat and funds. If there’s no air conditioning in your home, it can become dangerous. Plus, fixing an HVAC system can be expensive.

A-US Air Conditioning Of Texas would like to help Texans enjoy a cost-efficient and cool summer. Therefore, the company would like to extend a warning, as well as a solution.

Maintain HVAC Systems

HVAC systems are easy and monetarily beneficial to maintain, but expensive and uncomfortable to fix. A-US Air Conditioning is a family owned and operated business that have been Texas natives for generations. So, both personally and professionally, they know the dangers of a faulty HVAC system.

That is why the company is vigilant in advocating that residents maintain their HVAC Systems. This saves money, gives the homeowner peace of mind, and can save the comfort of residents, avoiding a system malfunction. There’s nothing worse than having to make costly decisions after an air conditioning breaks. Extreme heat makes everything worse and being unable to escape, even in the sanctity of your own home is distressing.

Therefore, maintaining an HVAC system is paramount to avoiding this issue. Fortunately, A-US Air Conditioning of Texas offers affordable tune-ups, with discounts twice per year.


These tune-ups are essential to keeping an HVAC system in tip-top shape. While these tune-ups, from A-US Air’s qualified technicians, don’t take long, they are essential for maintaining a cool home. This equates to a happy home.

Tune-ups need to be done before the air conditioning is turned on for the season, as it removes dirt and debris. This debris could easily become the root of the issue if the HVAC is turned on before undergoing a professional tune-up.

A-US Air Conditioning Services

A-US Air Conditioning of Texas is not only a tune-up specialist. They are also able to install HVAC systems, and, if needed, repair HVAC systems. HVAC is their passion, and this company is dedicated to keeping Texas families safe and happy throughout the year.

Plus, this company also offers an emergency hotline. This hotline, (972-979-3264) is operational twenty-four-seven. Callers will speak to a live person and will have a technician on the way within minutes of the call. There is no extra fee for an emergency call, regardless of what time of day the call is placed. After all, emergencies are rarely convenient enough to happen during business hours. A-US Air Conditioning knows this. Thus, is always ready to restore their customer’s comfort as hastily as possible.

In summation, A-US Air imparts their warning and information to help protect Texans from the intense heat. The company is proud of their roots. So, they continue to do their part to ensure their community stays safe, happy, and cool this summer.

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