Summer Camps in Mumbai Are Now Easy to Find

The time for summer camps in Mumbai is here, and there is a constant need amongst parents to look for the right camp for their kids. Being the innovative city that Mumbai is, there are now novel and interesting ways to find your classes.

Mumbai sees a surge in classes focused on hobbies and skills for kids, at one time in the year, and that's summer. And it's not always easy to select the right classes for your kids. Reasons vary from abundance of all sorts of classes in your area with no filtering available, to scarcity of the desired classes in a specific locality. In order to solve such major headache for the parents, there are a few websites which try to provide the best possible solution. is a leading portal which lists more than 5000 classes in Mumbai alone, offered through 700+ class providers, and does so with style and panache. The website has made it easy to find summer camps in Mumbai, and in the process, has created an ecosystem which promotes the culture of hobby classes during summer holidays. It allows the parents to find the right classes for the kids and even get a well-researched and analyzed information on each of the classes.

Photography, Acting, Arts, Languages, and Adventure Sports are only a few of the categories offered through, which are trying to reinvent education in the commercial capital of India. Learning needs an environment which promotes extracurricular activities as well as hobby classes. And, considering the busy schedule of students throughout the year, there is no better time than summer holidays to pursue one's passions. Passions can be extended beyond the holidays, but the trigger for initiation of such activities must take place in this period.

Find UR Class Services has taken a major step towards changing and redefining the reach of such education amongst all. And, this can be one of the first steps towards a major change in Indian extracurricular education system. As of now, we can safely and proudly say that summer camps in Mumbai are now easy to find!