Summer 2024 at New York Jazz Workshop: Achieve Musical Mastery With Focused Jazz Music Intensives

Join the New York Jazz Workshop this summer for an unparalleled lineup of Jazz Intensives. From the sun-soaked Improvisation workshops in Italy to the vibrant rhythms of Brazilian music in the heart of New York, experience unique opportunities to learn from jazz legends like Sean Conly, Kenny Wessel, Marc Mommaas, Vanderlei Pereira and more. Open to all skill levels, these sessions promise to transform your musical journey.

New York Jazz Workshop

New York Jazz Workshop, is excited to unveil its Summer 2024 Jazz Intensive lineup. Empowering both budding and professional musicians with comprehensive training and performance opportunities, the Workshop offers a summer filled with several learning experiences. With an exceptional faculty and a wide array of courses, the New York Jazz Workshop invites musicians and singers of all levels to explore jazz, from its historical roots to modern-day practices.

The season begins abroad with an Improvisation workshop in Italy, from June 9 to 15 and June 16 to 22. These is an immersive learning experience in the picturesque Italian landscapes, offering a unique blend of cultural exchange and jazz improvisation mastery.

In New York City, the Workshop continues with a diverse lineup of intensives:

July 16 - 19: Bebop Intensive – Dive into the complex rhythms and melodies of Bebop with Sean Conly and a guest instructor. ($625)

July 23 - 26: Guitar Intensive – Explore jazz guitar intricacies with Kenny Wessel, Nate Radley, and a guest. ($625)

July 30 - Aug 2: Improv Intensive – Enhance improvisational skills with Marc Mommaas and Tony Moreno. ($625)

Aug 6 - 9: Vocal Intensive – Delve into jazz vocal techniques with Michelle Walker and a guest. ($625)

Aug 14 - 16: ‘The Keys’ Piano Intensive – Amina Figarova, Jacob Sacks, and Jim Ridl lead a journey into jazz piano. ($465)

Aug 20 - 23: Brazilian Music Intensive – Immerse in the rhythms of Brazilian jazz with Vanderlei Pereira and a special guest. ($625)

Beyond these summer offerings, the Workshop provides year-round growth opportunities through weekly workshops and private lessons for all skill levels. These programs ensure ongoing, quality jazz education for everyone from novices to advanced musicians.

Musicians interested in joining the Summer 2024 Jazz Intensives or discover other educational programs at the New York Jazz Workshop should fill out this form for instructor information, and course specifics. Space is limited.

About the New York Jazz Workshop

The New York Jazz Workshop stands as a leading institution for jazz education in New York City, founded on a deep love for jazz and commitment to teaching. The faculty includes some of the finest musicians in the jazz world, providing a nurturing environment for students to explore their creativity, deepen their jazz knowledge, and find their unique voice. The New York Jazz Workshop also offers music based teambuilding for companies of all sizes uniting individuals, fostering a cohesive and inspired group dynamic.

Source: New York Jazz Workshop, Inc