Sukhi Chandi Adds to Its Achievements With Two Silver Awards at the Prestigious WPPI Competition

Over the years Suki Chandi has earned the trust and respect of countless clients seeking exclusive wedding photography services in London and other parts of UK.

Capturing the essence of a wedding in the form of still images is an art and Sukhi Chandi has mastered this art like no-one else. Be it candid wedding pictures of the family celebrating the union of two should or the well planned photo shoot of the newlywed couple, Sukhi Chandi  excels in making every image unique in its own way. So it is not really surprising that this professional photographer has added yet another feather to its cap of achievements by grabbing two silver awards at the WPPI 16X20 Print, Album and Filmmaking competition 2016, that was recently held in Las Vegas.

WPPI, which stands for Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, organizes this competition every year to choose the best and most creative wedding images. It is undoubtedly one of the toughest competitions in the field and requires the participants to fulfill an elaborate set of rules and regulations. Photographers from around the world take part in this competition, including some of the most renowned names who hold an extensive experience in the area of classing wedding photography. Earning two silver awards amidst the entries submitted by some living legends in the field is no small achievement and is in-fact a proof of the great talent and creativity of Suki Chandi.

The photographer has earned the awards in the categories of In Camera Artistry, and Wedding Photojournalism. In the first category, the contesting images were to be submitted straight out of camera without any adjustments, retouching or application of Photoshop effects etc. In the second category candid wedding images with limited post processing by the photographers were allowed to be entered. Both these categories essentially test the artistic skills and the proficiency of the photographer in terms of handling the camera while clicking wedding images.

Over the years Suki Chandi has earned the trust and respect of countless clients seeking exclusive wedding photography services in London and other parts of UK. His passion for this art form combined with his unique skill to click every wedding picture in manner that preserves the essence of the moment for years to come, has made him one of the most sought after Asian wedding photographers in the UK. He has a knack for turning still images into timeless memories that help in reviving the love and happiness of the biggest day in the lives of the bride and the groom long after it has passed.

Winning the WPPI Silver awards has once again proved the fact that Sukhi Chandi is the best choice for people seeking exclusive and high quality wedding images. He takes up every wedding event as a new challenge and uses a combination of technology as well as his creative skills to give an innovative touch to a wedding album. He focuses on highlighting the special bond of love and friendship blossoming between the bride and the groom as well as their families. He does not shy away from making that extra effort which will ensure that every image in the photo shoot plays a vital role in telling the tale of the commencement of a new phase of life for the newlyweds.