'Suhozhil' is an Innovative Unique Exercise Machine for Strengthening Muscles and Tendons

The first exercise machine made of environmentally friendly materials does not require any specific sportswear.


The original exercise machine with the proper technique that strengthens muscles and tendons and enhances tremendous strength and endurance was designed and patented in 2012.

The exercise machine is suitable for people of absolutely any age (since the age of 9). Anyone with different levels of physical training can work out only 15 minutes a day three times per week without any specific sportswear.

Nowadays, when the pace of life is currently speeding we lack time to work out and keep fit, “Suhozhil” is of great demand to improve our overall physical condition, develop incredible physical strength and endurance and give us a great opportunity to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


1) 15-minute trainings per day; no specific dress code;

2) an environmentally friendly exercise machine;

3) an easy to use device.

For more details please visit our website suhozhil-project.com

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Innovation complex of isometric exercises and a unique simulator for performing them.

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