Sugar Daddy Party LIve in NYC 8/21 Makes Mutually Beneficial Relationships Viable

Alan Action, Master Networker and Inventor of the Modern Day Sugar Daddy Party , combines both directives at A Unique Sugar Daddy Networking Party in NYC that host website already has over 7 million online members and over 800 registered attendees for Friday August 21st at the Empire Hotel Rooftop in NYC

Finally a NYC party in the heart of Midtown that cuts to the chase and allows empowered women and men to network and romance and build mutually beneficial relationships “live” and to their hearts delight in a beautiful NYC Rooftop Venue celebrating the creator of the Sugar Daddy Mixer Series, Alan Action’s Birthday, a man that has done over 60 parties and has created a new party and club lifestyle that is catching on and is in demand.       

New York City, New York August 19, 2015:  Alan Action inventor of the Modern Day Sugar Daddy Party and Host Website have partnered again, for an amazing “Live” interactive Sugar Daddy Event at the Empire Hotel Rooftop on Friday August 21st 2015 from 8 P.M. to 1 A.M.  What makes this party unique and ground breaking is twofold, say Action, a 52 year old single parent, and experienced event planner and Club Promoter for over 32 years.  “First off This event will combine my own business network of financial planners, medical professionals, banking and finance persons, entertainment celebrities, and real estate business owners with the data base of the Sugar Daddy Website, for a unique assembly of industry professionals meeting and greeting to establish mutually beneficial relationships that are both proactive and formidable.”  Second, adds Action, “ The event will highlight the Website,’s membership explosion to 7 million Nationwide and over 500,000 in the New York Metro Area, alone, and the need for these “online” members to meet and greet “live” and establish relationships and alliances that take way too long through emails and texts.”  Adds, Action, “The modern day sugar daddy lifestyle is viable, credible and marketable and cuts to the chase, as empowered women want men that can offer enrichment and mentorship and these men want women that can reciprocate with companionship, affection and sometimes even marriage and business partnerships.”  “The misconception of the sugar daddy name is most unfortunate, and sometimes ignorant and prejudicial” adds, Action “because the Modern Day Sugar Daddy is usually a younger man than expected,  in his 40’s or 50”s that is usually challenged in time to meet quality women that he desires for a traditional  nurturing and caring relationship”  Injects Action,  “The new sugar daddy of the 2000’s is an upwardly mobile man that wants the empowerment of a modern day woman who can be enriched with all that he has to offer, and it gives these men that opportunity to enjoy the affection of women that are indeed happy to entertain his interest, because on the website,  and at the parties the ratio of men to women is approximately 5 to 1.”   

The lifestyle of the sugar daddy and sugar baby, that is initiated in an online experience needs to be memorialized into a live event, that I have invented and created and developed over the last 4 years, to make the mutually beneficial relationships viable and substantial.

Alan Action , President

The upcoming party at The Empire Rooftop located at 44 West 63rd Street starting at 8 P.M.  will have three D.J.’s an assortment of Gourmet Cupcakes, and Gelato, Sponsored Energy Drinks, and Comedy Club Dangerfield’s,  and will hosted by the birthday boy himself Alan Action, a dynamic party energy force that has invented this new party sensation that is becoming a party where business and pleasure get done.  There are currently over 800 registered to view and enjoy the lifestyle, rooftop,  and the possibility of entering into a mutually beneficial relationship.  The party details are at and the website for $30.00 tickets online are at