Stuxnet-Like Attack Could Compromise Your House

GRIMM debuts its first ever "Howdy Neighbor" Smart House to test this concept.

Howdy Neighbor Challenge

Howdy Neighbor is a IoT “Capture The Flag” (CTF) competition, where competitors can test their hacking skills and learn about common oversights made in development, configuration, and setup of IoT devices. Howdy Neighbor debuted this past weekend at INFILTRATE, an offensive-focused security conference in Miami, FL where GRIMM emulated conventional smart devices found in a home. Including a thermostat, refrigerator, toaster, and even a garage door -- Howdy Neighbor contained over 15 smart devices, each configured with challenges to solve.

As smart devices become ubiquitous within the common household, so are threats to these devices. Last year, it was reported that researchers could use a smart lightbulb network vulnerability to attack an entire city.  

The Howdy Neighbor CTF offered prizes to the top three scorers and anyone who discovered a non-public security vulnerability in a real world device. GRIMM’s next Howdy Neighbor challenge will include additional devices to include added interactive features found within the average household. Expect to see Howdy Neighbor at more security conferences this summer.

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