Stupid-Simple Automated Marketing Launches in the Twin Ports

The most efficient, automated, Facebook marketing tool for small business.

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Buzz Frenzy announces the roll out of its patented software, which is the most efficient, automated, Facebook marketing tool for small business.

Did you know, Facebook rocks: 7 out of 10 people use it. However, Facebook also sucks because less than 3% of businesses followers see their posts. Buzz Frenzy un-sucks this process. They know how to target your customers, get them to buy your stuff (and prove it’s working).

Small businesses don’t have the time to delve into the intricacies of the world of marketing, nor do they have the money to pay someone to do it for them. Buzz Frenzy was born out of that frustration and was designed to allow a business owner to easily and economically tap into world-class, high-octane marketing prowess.

Buzz Frenzy has added power to the hashtag (yes the #). For a set monthly budget (as little as $50 a month) a business posts to Facebook like normal and adds their chosen hashtag, aka Buzztag. Buzz Frenzy then continually scans Facebook, finds their Buzztag, and boosts their post. It’s that simple.

"Buzz Frenzy was born to help small businesses succeed by cramming as much powerful, complex and time-consuming activity into the simplest package possible,” said Founder and CEO Dan Stocke. “We do this by triggering world class marketing prowess and industry leading customer targeting through the humble hashtag."

Buzz Frenzy appreciates the entrepreneurial spirit that goes into building a business, especially one that is community based. These are businesses built by people who want to do good by their town, to make their cities better, and to give back to their fellow citizens like ZStudio.

“After we started using Buzz Frenzy in the middle of our slow season, we signed up more new customers than in the height of our busy season,” Christine Pfeiffer, owner of ZStudio fitness studio said. “It proved to be the easiest way to market our small business to people who live close by."

About Buzz Frenzy

Buzz Frenzy provides unique solutions for customer success through stupid-simple automated business tools. Buzz Frenzy works in partnership with world-renowned marketing agency Aimclear, also out of Duluth, MN. For more information, please visit the Buzz Frenzy website or view the Press Kit.

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About Buzz Frenzy

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We are the most efficient, automated, Facebook marketing tool for small business.

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