Study Demonstrates Superiority of VeraForm® Marker Over Clips for Tumor Bed Delineation Accuracy

Videra Surgical Inc., the developer of the novel adaptable tumor bed marker VeraForm® for breast cancer surgery, announced the presentation of an independent study at this week's ASTRO conference in Chicago and the American College of Surgeons annual meeting. Conducted by a joint team of breast surgeons and radiation oncologists at Brown University and Tufts Medical Center, the analysis compared the repeatable delineation of the tumor bed after lumpectomy for radiation therapy planning and treatment as well as safety and effectiveness. Extracting 2 cohorts of 10 sequential patients from a pool of 99 lumpectomy patients over a nine-month span, the study compared marking the tumor bed with VeraForm versus standard surgical clips, which are commonly employed. The results yielded a 75% reduction in identifying the center of the tumor bed with VeraForm compared with traditional surgical clips, demonstrating a significantly improved delineation of the tumor bed and reduction in treatment plan variability.

 "Clear targeting of the tumor bed is essential for radiation therapy," stated the lead author and radiation oncologist, Jaroslaw Hepel, MD, Director of Stereotactic Radiosurgery at Rhode Island Hospital and Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. "This study demonstrates significant and clinically meaningful improvement in the reproducibility of tumor bed identification as compared with surgical clips among five different radiation oncologists," Dr. Hepel continued.

Jennifer Gass, MD, Professor and Chief of Surgery at Women & Infants Hospital and Brown Medical School, the lead breast surgeon on this study, stated, "Marking of the tumor bed is crucial during lumpectomy, especially when we apply oncoplastic techniques to rearrange tissue. VeraForm allows us to more effectively communicate tumor bed location to the radiation oncologists who treat our patients weeks after surgery. With more accurate tumor bed identification, our goal is to improve patient outcomes. Dr. Gass continued, "In this series, our patients did not report feeling the VeraForm marker, experienced no adverse events and we find this to be a very simple and effective approach in lieu of alternative tumor bed marking approaches."

"We are thrilled with the results of this study," stated Joe Guido, CEO and Co-Founder of Videra Surgical. "While placing clips during lumpectomy largely remains standard practice, we know that VeraForm has many more advantages for patients.  Further, this news coincides with our upcoming announcement of 5,000 patients who have received VeraForm since our launch," concluded Mr. Guido.

About Videra Surgical Inc.

Videra Surgical is an oncology surgery company focused on breast cancer treatment. Videra developed VeraForm® to enhance cancer treatment, believing that helping radiation oncologists better identify the tumor bed is essential for the continuum of care for breast cancer and other cancer patients. VeraForm is a 510(k) cleared, adaptable tissue marker, providing a continuous, 3-dimensional, multi-plane and permanent mark of a tumor bed.  Videra is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.  Visit!/10371/presentation/3766  

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Source: Videra Surgical Inc.

About Videra Surgical

Videra Surgical is an oncology surgery company focused on breast cancer treatment. Videra Surgical strongly believes that helping radiation oncologists better identify the tumor bed is essential for the continuum of care for patients.
Videra Surgical developed and commercialized patented VeraForm®, an adaptable tissue marker comprised of a radiopaque filament that provides a continuous, 3D, multi-planar, and permanent delineation of a tumor bed. VeraForm is FDA 510(k) cleared and has been placed in thousands of patients in a rapidly growing number of centers in the United States.

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