Study: 9 Percent of Americans Are Using Dating Apps This Valentine’s Day analysis finds 64% of Americans have one dating app currently installed, 17% have two dating apps installed

How many dating apps do people install at once?

If you’re looking for love on Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone: Roughly 9 percent of Americans have at least one dating app installed on their phone, according to a new analysis from

Among people with mobile dating apps, an estimated 64 percent have just one dating app installed. Roughly 17 percent have two dating apps, 8 percent have three dating apps, and the remaining 11 percent have four or more dating apps installed on their phones.

Dating apps are most popular with people aged 25 to 34. People who use dating apps are twice as likely to enjoy consuming sports content than the average American. They also earn a lower income than the average American and are more likely to use transportation apps, such as public transportation timetable apps, ridesharing apps, and flight booking apps.

Dating apps are downloaded more often by men than women—in’s data set, an estimated 62 percent of downloads came from men, while 38 percent came from women.

A little over 11 years after its launch, the most downloaded dating app in the United States remains Tinder, with an estimated 27.7 percent market share in’s analysis. That’s followed by Plenty of Fish (18.17%), Bumble (15.75%), Badoo (8.75%), Hinge (7.65%) and Grindr (6.99%).

“This study uncovered compelling insights into modern dating that reflect evolving societal trends,” said Andrew Younan, Senior Vice President of Product and Engineering at “In a world where connection is paramount, understanding how people interact with one another digitally is crucial for innovation.”

Methodology studied an anonymized sample of 12.2 million Americans with Android phones in late February and roughly 934,000 downloads of dating apps. used this anonymized data to study the top 10 most downloaded dating apps in each state, as well as the likelihood that a user would have more than one dating app installed on their phone at a time.  

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