Studies show: Germany in demand with international real estate buyers

Almost one in every two real estate buyers in Frankfurt am Main had a non-German passport. The number of international buyers rose in Berlin and Düsseldorf as well. The German mortgage distributor Hüttig & Rompf reacted to the growing demand with an English-language landing page on real estate financing for foreign real estate buyers (

International real estate buyers

Real estate in German cities is increasingly in demand among non-German buyers. This is the conclusion reached by the German construction financier Huttig & Rompf in its regional real estate market reports. According to this, the number of international buyers in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt am Main rose in 2018 – to 42 percent. Huttig & Rompf is picking up the trend and launching an English-language landing page on real estate financing.

German properties are popular – both at home and abroad. And there they have become more and more popular in recent years. This is now shown by studies conducted by the German construction financier Huttig & Rompf. According to the real estate market report “Immobilienfinanzierung Frankfurt / Rhein-Main”, the proportion of non-German real estate buyers in Frankfurt am Main was 42 percent in 2018 – 12 percent higher than in 2015.

“We are also observing a similar development in other German cities,” reports Ditmar Rompf, Managing Director of Huttig & Rompf AG. “The share of foreign real estate buyers rose to 41 percent in Dusseldorf, to 22 percent in Berlin. It most recently came to 14 percent in Cologne and 10 percent in Hamburg.”

Overall, the German real estate market is booming. Huttig & Rompf achieved several record figures last year: 6,700 loan agreements were concluded in 2018 – more than ever before. The brokered loans increased up to two billion euros to real estate buyers, builders and investors for the first time.

English landing page for non-German real estate buyers

The company is responding to the positive market development with a stronger presence: Huttig & Rompf has now launched an English-language landing page in order to address and support non-German real estate buyers in a targeted manner. “You can find a calculator there to calculate possible financing,” explains Ditmar Rompf. “However, the topic real estate financing in Germany is highly complex and strongly dependent on the personal situation. Our consultants are very well aware of this. They know all about the peculiarities of the regional real estate markets. This enables them to find the right financing offer for each prospective customer.” Huttig & Rompf offers non-German real estate buyers special advice in English – completely free of charge.

Here is the landing page:

You can find the regional market reports here: (in German)

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Huttig & Rompf AG has specialized in the brokerage of construction financing since 1988. Over 165 experts advise customers on all aspects of buying, building and modernizing at 31 locations throughout Germany. To do this, the consultants draw on a pool of 300 partner banks and savings banks (Sparkassen). This has enabled Huttig & Rompf AG to realize the dream of owning a property for 60,000 customers in recent years.

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