Students Developing Lifelong Friendships Through Innovative Learning Experiences at Children's Learning Adventure

Cooperative STEAM-based Learning is an essential part of Children's Learning Adventure's Curriculum

Children’s Learning Adventure helps instill a love for learning in their students through fun and interactive activities. These activities allow students to discover and explore areas they are interested in while learning about something new. Working collaboratively with parents, Children’s Learning Adventure is committed to developing students into lifelong learners.

Children’s Learning Adventure teaches their students to cultivate friendships, make healthy lifestyle habits and be responsible for their choices through fun, exciting and rewarding learning activities and interactions.

CEO Rick Sodja explained, “At an early age, children begin to develop interpersonal skills. Children’s Learning Adventure understands and values the importance of providing social-emotional character development opportunities for our students.”

Students are encouraged to meet new friends and develop positive and meaningful relationships with one another through daily interactions as they continue building essential life skills.

A child’s ability to make friends develops through practice in conversational skills, interpersonal skills and emotional self-control. Cooperative activities enhance the interpersonal skills for children. Children’s Learning Adventure strives to help children grow friendships through interactive play and by connecting through conversations. Modeling good friendship skills helps children to make friends and nurture lasting ones.

Children’s Learning Adventure provides a secure, safe and nurturing environment to facilitate the child’s growth in self-confidence and all areas of development. By also providing a positive, engaging afterschool environment, the children experience assistance with homework as needed, ensuring the time for social and emotional learning with peers, as well as valuable family time at the end of the day.

Children’s Learning Adventure knows that one of the most crucial components of learning is also the environment. Each Children’s Learning Adventure campus features eight to 12 specialty classrooms which utilize a spiraling teaching approach. Each specialty classroom environment enables teachers to implement authentic learning activities, providing meaningful experiences for the students.

Children’s Learning Adventure is holding open houses across all their locations on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018. Families can stop by any time between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

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