Student Develops Groundbreaking Technique for Searching New Music

Leon Aantjes launched in 2016. It is a social music platform where users can upload their music and find it by using the map of the world. This new way of searching offers artists a greater opportunity to be discovered and users more possibilities in finding new music.

Leon Aantjes developed a concept for the website during his college years. He found it difficult to discover new music and artists. After a bit of pondering on this issue he concluded the problem was that you need to know how new songs or artists are called to be able to discover them. But because you don’t know how something unknown to you is called it is very hard to find new stuff. Even clicking through to related video’s or songs wouldn’t let you be able to explore every possibility, because related songs are often in the same genre you already know. One way was to accidentally type in something were upon a nice song appeared. Leon tried to figure out a way how to avoid all that. Leon wanted to create something that presents an opportunity for unknown artists to be heard to a wider audience and for music lovers to discover music in their neighbourhood or far away, within their genre, or something unexpected. The creation of Souned had started. It gives the opportunity to, without the default search box, find everything and anything in one swipe.

How does it work?

All sounds that are uploaded in the selected area on the map will appear in the music top. Users of Souned will range the sounds in the music top through liking the sounds. More likes means being higher in the music top. When you zoom into your own neighborhood you can see which artists and bands are living near you and which sounds are most popular. When you zoom out further there are more possibilities. You can select a whole country, or part of it on your map and then the music top will show the most popular sounds of that country.

You can discover many different music cultures and styles through zooming into different parts of the world. Now you can discover what kind of music they like to make on the other side of the world.

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Souned brings music makers and music lovers from all over the world together. It presents an opportunity for unknown artists to be heard to a wider audience.

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